ERP Software is a big investment. It is very important that you are able to trust not only the Partner who works with you, but also the software vendor itself.

When we evaluated Acumatica, these are the 6 points that stood out to me and gave me confidence that they were the right company for us to work with and recommend to our clients.

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  1. Founders Have Proven Experience

    One of the most important parts about a software company is to know, who are the founders? Do they have experience in the industry? One of the major investors and entrepreneurs who had the vision and started Acumatica was John Howell. He was the founder of Solomon software, which was later purchased by Microsoft.  Today, branded as Microsoft Dynamics SL, there are literally thousands and thousands of clients still running the Solomon package.

  2. Platform Selected By Other Vendors

    A big difference between Acumatica and many of the other ERP players that are in the same cloud market space is the fact that is it more than just an application, it is a platform. In other words, the technology started out as a platform that the application was built on top.

    There are many other major software vendors across the world that needed to retool their applications and make them into a cloud offering.

    For example, MYOB out of Australia has over a million customers. They needed to release a new Cloud product. Instead of building their own platform, they selected the Acumatica platform as a base to build their localized version, MYOB Advanced. The same goes for Visma, a billion dollar software company in Europe. Again, they had a choice of creating their own new product or buying another product. But they selected Acumatica to be the platform they will use to create their new version which will be offered in their localized area. The same thing is true for Acceo, Lexware, Censof and Senior Software.

    All of these successful companies have confidence in the power of the Acumatica platform. Would they risk their own product’s reputation by selecting a platform that was not the best available?

  3. Does Not Rely on Venture Funding

    Many ERP organizations in the cloud space right now are purely funded by venture capital money. Acumatica is different because they have the OEM agreements I just mentioned with companies around the world. Every time an OEM partner installs a new versions of their software Acumatica receives a royalty. This creates a steady stream of income for Acumatica that can be used for research and development to improve the core product.

    The fact that there are two sources of income, venture capital and OEM agreements creates a much more stable company that can grow in the future.

  4. Has a Global Reach

    Acumatica is a global software company that has partners in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    Companies are using Acumatica and the Acumatica platform around the globe, not just in North American. I think this is a reason for someone who is making an investment in a new solution to feel confident.

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  5. Offers Worldwide Support

    Acumatica has offices across the globe that support the product. Washington, Ohio, Virginia and Montreal in the North America region. And Moscow and Singapore to the east. And now also Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. It is important that Acumatica has a global reach and a global support network.

  6. Fastest Growing Cloud ERP Product
    The Cloud ERP market is seeing an acceleration in growth.

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    And within that market, Acumatica is literally is the fastest growing ERP company in the cloud space right now with 83% revenue growth. This number is much higher than many well established vendors.

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  7. These six points give me confidence that Acumatica is a solid company, poised for growth. And it is a company that I can confidently recommend to someone evaluating ERP software.

    Why should you trust CAL Business Solutions as your Acumatica partner? Here are 7 more points to consider.

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    Now that we have proved the stability of the vendor, and CAL Business Solutions, let’s talk about what I like about the actual Acumatica software.  Watch the video for 3 specific reasons:

    Watch the video

    If you are evaluating ERP/accounting and would like to learn more about Acumatica, contact CAL Business Solutions. 860-485-0910 x4.

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