It has come to our attention that Microsoft has changed the system requirements for Management Reporter Process service.

We have deployed many Management Reporter installations with Data Mart connector since it offers several features not available in the Dynamics GP Legacy connector. The OLD information on our website for Management Reporter Data Mart requirements, as published by Microsoft in 2013 was:


We realize that many of our clients have either 12 or 16 GB RAM for the entire server, including Management Reporter, SQL, the Operating System, and possibly other services.

Recently we received support requests for poor performance and we were able to tweak settings in some instances to improve the performance.

However, it has come to our attention that sometime in 2016,  Microsoft revised the system requirements to the NEW information below:

As you can see, the current requirements from Microsoft are 6 times higher than the original. 

While we are able to assist with performance issues, we must follow Microsoft guidelines in requiring the memory recommendations above be met before we can engage Microsoft in any performance issue diagnostics.

This also means that clients running Windows Server 2008 or 2008R2 Standard Edition will need to upgrade their server to 2012 or above since memory allocation for Windows 2008x servers is maxed at 32GB.

Although your system will run on less than the recommendations above, it will not run optimally.

We want to ensure that all of our Dynamics GP users have a system that runs at peak performance. So please be aware of these updated specs when installing Management Reporter.

Download current Management Reporter System Requirements PDF at

By Charles Ray, MCP SQL 2000 Admin., MCTS SQL 2008 Inst. & Config., MCTS Dynamics GP 2010 Inst. & Config., Senior Systems Specialist, CAL Business Solutions