CAL is always looking for more ways to provide value to our family of customers. We are not early adopters. We like to “watch from the hill” and be sure that a new technology is solid before we recommend it. We have been watching the market and we felt that it was the right time for us to add a Cloud based ERP product to our offering.

After extensive due diligence we selected Acumatica and our team will now sell and support this product along with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

We are excited about this new technology. Acumatica is web based, built for a new mobile world and has a unique unlimited user pricing model. We like the fact that both Acumatica and Dynamics GP can be deployed in the cloud, hosted or on premise. It is important for us to be able to offer our customers the power of choice.

CAL is committed to Dynamics GP and committed to our Dynamics GP customers. That has been the core of our business since 1999 and it will continue to be the core of our business.

Microsoft has promised that they are also committed to developing and supporting the 47,000+ Dynamics GP customers, even though other products are receiving more marketing attention.  Dynamics GP is still very strong. And even stronger with the add-on tools, such as SalesPad, that many of our clients depend on.

Acumatica is not better than Dynamics GP, it is just different. And now we offer both.

If you are considering the cloud or alternative functionality or just want to have a conversation about this news please email or call me personally. And I invite you to visit .

by, George J. Mackiewicz Jr., President, CAL Business Solutions Inc.