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SafePay in Dynamics GP

Top 20 GP 2016 R2 Features

10 Common Conversation Mistakes

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CAL’s Tips & Tricks

Dynamics GP Tip: Beware of Maintain Inactive Accounts Option in Year End Closing

Read one of our CAL team members ‘not so fun’ story of an issue they ran into during the Year-End close process to help you avoid it in the future.

Eliminate Manual Entry By Using SafePay to Submit Files to Your Bank

Most banks, if you are cutting over a certain threshold of checks require that you submit a file to the bank that includes the check number, the check date, the check amount and payee. Learn the easiest way to generate this file that you send to the bank.

Everyone on GP 2013 and up already owns SafePay as part of the eBanking suite. Contact CAL if you are interested in setting up SafePay.

Top 20 New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2

In the past several weeks CAL has posted blog articles highlighting a ‘Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Feature of the Day’. Take a look at our recap of those 20 features to easily find the ones that matter most to you.

Interested in upgrading to GP 2016 R2? Contact CAL at 860.485.0910 x3 or email to schedule a system discovery so we can provide an upgrade quote.

10 Common Mistakes People Make During Conversation

Good communication skills are the foundation of any long-lasting relationship, how you speak and hold conversations are important to career success. Learn 10 conversational mistakes and the effective ways to improve upon them.

SalesPad Corner

Learn how to use the Auto Filter Row in SalesPad to improve reporting and search capabilities.

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