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CAL’s Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip: How to Create SmartList Builder Reports Based on SQL Views or Tables

Have you ever been working with a SmartList and needed to add just one more piece of information to make it complete, but when you look for it in the column chooser it is not there? Learn how SmartList Builder ( an add-on solution from eOne) can create reports Based on SQL Views or Tables with all the needed information.

How Much Does it Cost to Host Your Dynamics GP System in the Cloud?

Lately we have had a lot of our customers inquire about costs to host their Dynamics GP system in the cloud. We put together a few resources to answer all the important questions that have been asked about our cloud options:

Pricing Information

Contact if you are interested in getting a formal quote for hosting your Dynamics GP system.

CAL Named One of Bob Scott’s 2016 Top 100 VAR’s

CAL is proud to have made the 2016 Top 100 VARs list. The Top 100 resellers are chosen from organizations specializing in the sale and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting software, and based on revenue.

More Information

Running an Old Unsupported GP Version?

If you are running an outdated version of GP software you are missing out on tons of new features and functionality your system can give you. Our goal is to provide the best support to all our customers and for you to get the most out of your software.

A few important benefits of upgrading are:

  • Depending on what system you are on currently, you may receive additional modules once you upgrade.
  • Being on a version Microsoft supports ( mainstream support for all versions before GP 2013 have ended)
  • New features/functionality. Review some of the new features in Dynamics GP.

Hesitant to upgrade because of costs to upgrade hardware? Hosting your Dynamics GP system in the cloud can be a cost effective way to run your system without having to purchase or maintain hardware infrastructure.

We strongly recommend that you contact us to discuss your upgrade options. It might be easier than you think and it will surely provide you with tremendous benefits.

4 Easy Tips To Reduce Eye Strain and Improve Mood

With so many of us using computers at work along with smartphones and tablets, eye strain can be a major complaint. Check out these tips for good eye habits to help reduce the problems associated with working on a computer all day or binge watching Netflix on a screen that fits in your hand.

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