CAL GP CloudFrequently Asked Questions GP Cloud FAQs

We want to make the “CAL GP Cloud” experience as SIMPLE for you as possible by answering your questions up front, in advance.

Q: What is the price for CAL GP Cloud from CAL Business Solutions?

A: You can see current pricing at  or email us at for a quote (*hosting services are only available to CAL customers. If you are not currently a CAL customer but are interested in becoming one, contact us to schedule a discovery call).

Q: What exactly does ‘hosted’ mean ?

A: HOSTED: You have the option to purchase the Dynamics GP software licenses upfront for a one-time cost, then you can pay a monthly cost to have these licenses HOSTED in a data center. You own and our cloud partner hosts. This eliminates the cost and maintenance of hardware/servers and additional licensing. You can bring the software back on premise at any time if your needs change. Upfront costs are higher, but long term costs are lower. If you already use Dynamics GP, you can host the system you already own. You will no longer need to worry about server/hardware maintenance and security.

Q: What is included in the monthly hosting fee?

A: Each named user includes:

  • Full Remote Desktop & RemoteApp access on secure, SOC1 and SOC2 SSAE 18 Type II Certified Data Center
  • Standard on-premise system backups daily and retained for 30 days
  • Hosting for Some Dexterity Based ISV Products You Own
  • Option for GP Web Client Use Rights (requires GP Web Client Add-On)
  • Option to Approve GP Workflows via email (requires customer owns the Customization Pack and the GP Web Services Add-on )
  • Windows Licenses
  • SQL Standard Licenses
  • Remote Desktop Licenses
  • Patch Management and Upgrade services for Windows, SQL

Q: What is the difference between a named and concurrent user?

A: While most of the products in the Dynamics ecosystem are sold on a Concurrent User basis for Perpetual Licensing, in the online model, Microsoft only offers Named User licensing. As a result, every named user of Dynamics GP requires their own monthly fee. That means generic user names such as “purchasing” that is used for 2-3 different people, would not be allowed.

Q: How will Microsoft know if I have enough licenses?

A: When you sign up for the CAL GP Cloud you will be asked to review and approve that you will comply with the Microsoft End User License Terms. Microsoft has the right to perform a “license audit” at any time.

Q: Do I still pay annual Microsoft maintenance plan fees?

A: Yes. If you own Dynamics GP and it is hosted, you continue to pay the annual maintenance fees based on your Dynamics GP system list price.

Microsoft Business Ready Enhancement Plan

Q: Are all Dynamics GP user license types available in the cloud?

A: Yes, Full users, Limited users or Self-Serve users are available. But remember that they are all NAMED users. Contact us to discuss pricing for Limited and Self-Serve users that you already own and want included in your hosted Dynamics GP system.

Q: Is there a minimum number of required users?

A: No, there are NO user minimums. If you host Dynamics GP, you only need to pay for named users who will be accessing the system, no matter how many concurrent users you purchased from Microsoft. (For example, if you purchased the Dynamics GP Starter Pack which includes the minimum 3 concurrent users, but you only need 2 users, you would only pay to host 2 named users in the “CAL GP Cloud”.

Q: Can I add/delete users easily?

A: Yes, you can add additional named users to your hosted system by notifying us. To remove users, 90-days advanced written notice is required. Any changes to the number of users/changes to your hosting services can take up to 5 business days to complete.

Q: Do I need to purchase any additional software licenses to use Dynamics GP in the cloud?

A: No, Microsoft SQL and Windows licenses are already included in the monthly fee.

Q: Is there an additional cost to host ISV (add on) products?

A: Most Dynamics Dexterity code based ISV solutions do not require additional resources to run so there is no additional hosting cost. But there is an additional monthly cost to host non-dexterity based ISV solutions . Contact us for a quote at

Q: Which ISV modules can be hosted?

A: Most ISV modules you own are running on your Dynamics GP system can be moved “into the cloud” in your hosted system. CAL will notify you upon request if an ISV is not supported in the cloud environment.

Q: Are Microsoft Office 365 licenses included?

A: No. Client is responsible for obtaining the required Microsoft Office license to work in the cloud.  Customer must own Office 365 E3, E4 or Enterprise edition license to be hosted in the cloud. If
customer does not currently own a compatible license, customer must obtain Office 365 licenses before migration to cloud.

 Q: What if I already have a subscription to Office 365?

A: GREAT! If you already have a compatible subscription to Office 365 you can hook up your Office365 benefits such as Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc (depending upon what is included in your subscription) directly to your Dynamics GP Desktop in our cloud.

 Q: Can I use Microsoft Dynamics CRM too?

A: Yes, you can HOST Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the same data center, although we do not perform any Dynamics CRM services. Please contact us for pricing and more information.

Q: What does the data center set up fee include?

A: The data center set up fee is only for creating and provisioning the Cloud Environment and the technical installation at the data center. It does not include CAL services such as data conversion / migration, setup and training.

Q: What are the fees for CAL services?

A: No matter where you decide to deploy your Dynamics GP system – on premise or in the CAL GP Cloud – you still need the same implementation services. This includes system setup, data conversion, integration and training. Read more about Implementation Costs.

If you are already using Dynamics GP and want to move your system to the cloud, then our services would include a backup of your data and restoring it to the new location. The cost for this varies based on complexity.

Q: How much disk space is provided?

A: Each customer is allocated 10GB of Disk Space per ERP System. Backup and Archival Services are included. This disk space allocation is for SQL Database Files and files created by the Named Users and stored on the cloud hosting system. Disk space will be monitored, additional fees will apply should more space be needed/used.

Q: Do all my files count toward my disk space?

A: We do not count disk space utilized for Windows, Office, or any other program files or operating system files in the disk space allocation. To determine the amount of disk space needed we will look at a list of GP companies set up in your system and the amount of disk space SQL is using for each.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of companies that can be run in Dynamics GP?

A: Only disk space is monitored. You can have unlimited companies and databases set up in a hosted version of Dynamics GP.

Q: Can I access from a MAC computer?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I access via a mobile device?

A: Yes, iPad, Surface and Android Tablet access is included.

Q: Can any Dynamics GP system be hosted?

A: We only host Dynamics GP systems that are still being supported by Microsoft (currently GP 2018 and up). If not on a supported version of GP, you would need to upgrade to a current version when you make the move to the cloud. View Support Expiration Dates

Q: Where is the data center?

A: Our cloud partner’s Data Center is located in Cromwell, CT. Data Center is SOC1 and SOC2 SSAE 18 Type II Certified, and includes:  Multiple Internet connections using the latest technologies, Redundant Internet connections, Redundant power and backup generator for the entire building, State-of-the-art multiple firewall protection, Maximum security including biometric, card access, cameras and recording, Secure Cabinets & 24 x 7 monitoring & technical support.

Q: Is my data safe in the cloud?

A: Yes. In fact, data and servers in a data center are much more secure than the physical servers at your office. We are happy to discuss security with you in more detail.

Q: What backup services are provided?

A: Standard Data Protection Services are included for all SQL Databases and User Files at no additional cost. Standard on premise backups are made daily and retained for 30 days.

Q: What are the cancellation terms?

A: We require a minimum term of 12 months.  The agreement automatically renews for another 12 months unless otherwise noted 90-days prior to the expiration of the then-current term. Should the customer choose to cancel their agreement, CAL must receive 90-days written notice of the cancellation request.

NOTE: The cloud fees listed on the customer contract are valid for the 12-month term only. Microsoft and other Publishers do from time to time change the cost of their subscriptions. If this happens, CAL can pass these Publisher initiated cost increases to a customer with 90 days’ notice of their term renewal, and Customer will have the option to either accept the cost increase or terminate the agreement.

Q: If I decide to bring my hosted system back on-premise to my own servers, what is involved?

A: This is a relatively simple process. Moving the software in house is really just a server move. We would take the backup files from the hosted server and restore them on the new in-house server. The cost of doing this varies greatly depending on the number of databases and 3rd party programs involved, but it is reasonable. You are never “stuck” in the cloud if you decide to bring the system in house.

Q: Can I pay for part of a month?

A: As per Microsoft Policy, any portion of a month counts as a full month. Hosting fees are billed from the first day of the month through the last day of the month. There is no proration for a partial month. Any portion of a month is counted as an entire month.

Q: Who maintains the servers?

A: The installation of hotfixes and updates to Windows Server, SQL Server are included in the monthly fee. Our partner’s data center will provide Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware and perform and validate Backups of Servers and SQL Databases as documented in the SLA. Dynamics GP and ISV software version upgrades are not included in the monthly fee.

Q: Who does the Dynamics GP upgrades?

A: CAL Business Solutions will install Dynamics GP and ISV products and apply ERP hotfixes, service packs and upgrades for all Microsoft Dynamics and ISV software for an additional fee. These are done based upon your request.  Cost of Dynamics GP upgrades.

Q: Who do I call if I need tech support?

A: CAL Business Solutions provides Tier 1 customer support. Contact or 860-485-0910 x3. We will escalate this to the data center if it is decided to be a technical issue. CAL will provide training on accessing the cloud environment using the Windows RDP Client and/or Internet Explorer as appropriate based on the subscriptions in use. We will also ensure that you can print and transport files from the cloud to your local desktop.

Q: Will I be notified of system maintenance?

A: Yes, designated contacts will be notified via email of planned System Maintenance timeframes by CAL Business Solutions.

To learn more about hosting Microsoft Dynamics GP Online and the “CAL GP Cloud” offer contact or 860-485-0910 x4.