GP 10 to 2105If you want to upgrade from Dynamics GP 10 to Dynamics GP 2015 the price will be higher than the cost of an average Dynamics GP upgrade.

The problem with skipping versions

If you want to upgrade from Dynamics GP 10 to Dynamics GP 2015 it means you have skipped several version upgrades in between. This presents a problem because each version of Dynamics GP introduced different functionality. If that new functionality builds upon features in the last version then we can’t skip that version. We actually have to upgrade your old system to the interim versions first to then get you to the final version.

From Dynamics GP version 10 we have to:

  • Apply patches to GP 10 to make sure you are on the latest patch.
  • Upgrade the system to GP 2010
  • Then upgrade to GP 2015.

And each of these steps takes time, which increases the price.

You may have noticed that we skipped the jump to Dynamics GP 2013 in the scenario above. Sometimes a skip is possible, depending on the types of changes that were introduced in that version. But you have to know when this will work, which is why it is important to let an experienced Dynamics GP partner do your upgrade.

SQL Server Skips

The other issue is that SQL Server plays a role in this upgrade. Dynamics GP 10 will run on an older version of SQL. To upgrade we need to install an interim version of SQL to get you to the updated version of SQL that is compatible with Dynamics GP 2015.

Pay Now or Pay Later

There are many moving parts and it gets quite complicated.  Those version jumps end up taking just as many hours to perform as if you had done an upgrade each time they were released.  So likely you did not save any money by not upgrading regularly to each version.

Training Overload

Going from Dynamics GP 10 to Dynamics GP 2015 is going to introduce a huge amount of new functionality. Instead of learning these changes gradually your team will need to get a crash course in the new version. It can be harder to digest and use so many new features at once. For example, the user interface changed in version 2013, that is huge.

You are trying to run your business, and limit the amount of downtime. Doing regular upgrades will be easier for your team and less impactful to your productivity.

Do you need to perform every upgrade?

Microsoft Dynamics has moved to a 6 month rapid release cycle. We realize that this can be too much to keep up with. Skipping just one version will likely not cause a disruption.

However, there could be new functionality you can use in the new version. And the new versions fix any bugs or issues that were found which is a reason to stay current. We can advise you on which versions are the most important.

Will moving to the Cloud make the upgrade easier?

If you are making a major upgrade from GP 10 to GP 2015 going to the Cloud may be worth considering.

You will still have the same upgrade costs to get all your data migrated. But there could be cost savings in other areas.

First, the hardware specifications for GP 2015 may be more advanced than the hardware you are running, which means buying new servers. You may also need to invest in the latest version of Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Office. If you do not want to make these investments, you can move your on premise Dynamics GP system to the cloud. You pay a monthly fee to host your software in a data center where someone else takes care of all the server maintenance and backups. And the current SQL and Microsoft Office licensing is included in the monthly fee.

Also, if you currently have Dynamics GP installed on individual workstations, this will make your upgrade process longer and more expensive. If you move to the cloud everyone will access Dynamics GP online from one server and future upgrades will be faster.

See: Moving Dynamics GP to the Cloud

Can I just implement Dynamics GP 2015 as a new company?

The only way you can upgrade to the next version is if you are active on your annual Microsoft enhancement fee. If you let the plan lapse, Microsoft charges expensive penalty fees to reactivate. Some companies realize it would be less expensive to buy Dynamics GP again, as a new customer.  We can help you evaluate your options to do this legally.

However, we would still need to migrate all of your data into the new system, which is basically the same as doing a multi-step upgrade. If you don’t do this, and just start with a new system, you would not have your customer lists, vendor lists, checkbooks, chart of accounts etc… Plus there would be no historical data. Using two separate systems to look for information is unreliable and time consuming.

Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2015

Dynamics GP 2015 has some great new features that we know your company would benefit from. If you are running an older version, even Dynamics GP 10, contact CAL Business Solutions to evaluate your options and provide a quote. or 860-485-0910 x4.

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