Are you tempted to take shortcuts when it comes to Dynamics GP security and setup? Perhaps you set up all users as Power users, didn’t take the time to review converted security settings or chose the wrong security roles. Or you allowed someone to set up your Dynamics GP system who didn’t know what they were doing.

This video is intended to scare you straight by showing you 10 Scary Things Users Can Do To Screw Up Your Dynamics GP system.

Warning – the following video may be too intense for some viewers. It contains graphic examples of Dynamics GP user mistakes that have cost companies thousands of dollars to repair.

Video Transcription:

If you choose to set up your users as power users, they have access to very scary utilities. The worst utility is:

  1. Delete company: Users who have the wrong security settings can click this link under administration utilities and delete your company. That is very scary.
  2. Remove history: Under utilities for most modules people with the wrong security settings can click links to remove history.
  3. Mass delete: Under utilities users with the wrong security settings can also delete all of your vendors, customers and more.
  4. Merging or changing customer or vendor ID’s: In older versions this window was accessed separately but it is now available in the main system and is part of several standard GP roles. If someone uses the combiner or modifier tools, they may wipe out customer and vendor IDs forever.
  5. Closing the GL too soon: This window should be restricted to prevent users from accidentally closing the GL before you are ready.
  6. Changing posting settings: Changing to the posting settings window affect all users. By unchecking the box to post to the general ledger, a company could have days, weeks or months of data that did not create any GL transactions. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is manual journal entries which is very scary and a waste of time.
  7. Using the wrong GL account type: The posting type on the account maintenance window controls how the account closes. Because the window defaults to balance sheet when you create a new account that might not be correct, so if you forget to check this before closing the general ledger you will screw up your financial data.
  8. Posting to control accounts: During the setup of Dynamics GP if you forget to uncheck the allow account entry box on your control accounts, such as AP, AR and inventory, as well as your cash accounts, users are able to manually enter them on journal entries and onto transactions.       This will cause the GL and sub‑ledgers to be out of balance.
  9. Using duplicate check numbers: If users have access to change the checkbook maintenance windows they would be able to select a box called duplicate check numbers. If they check that box they would be able to create multiple checks with the same number which causes bank reconciliation nightmares.
  10. Posting to a crazy future date: If you have not enabled doc date verify feature, users can enter crazy future dates in the sub‑ledger. For example, a simple typo like the year 3015 instead of 2015 on an AP transaction can cause the AP to look as if it is open for 1,000 years.

Using Dynamics GP shouldn’t be scary. Contact CAL Business Solutions to confirm your Dynamics GP security and setup are correct.

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