Problems? Aren’t EAP systems supposed to solve problems, not cause them? Sure. But hasty choices, a poor fit or the wrong expectations can sour what should be an exciting step forward for your company.

This is where your fellow buyers fit in. The features that new buyers are looking for can assist you when setting your own priorities, and the problems that have disenchanted current ERP users looking to switch can help you avoid similar pitfalls.

Now you can see both views in a survey from Software Advice, a consultancy that reviews and recommends ERP systems, at:

How can the survey help you? Here’s an example:

Almost one-fifth of current users are dissatisfied with the ERP systems they have because of the cost.

Cost? Haven’t they already paid for their systems? Don’t they own the licenses to the software? Yes, but those licenses do not cover support fees. Some providers’ annual support fees have been increasing dramatically, and owners of their software have to pay, unless they want to risk going it alone with a complex system crucial to their business. Knowing this, you can avoid ugly surprises by questioning potential vendors closely not just about upfront costs, but also ongoing ones.

And new buyers? The top reason listed in the survey for why new buyers are moving up to ERP solutions is integration of separate systems into one core platform. That probably doesn’t surprise you—it may be a key reason that you’ve already considered for your company. But another desired feature you may not have thought of is regulatory compliance. An ERP solution that cannot handle tracking and other compliance needs can be a deal breaker for many firms. How about yours? If yes, best to make sure that the ERP solution you are considering can handle your regulatory needs.

Learn about buyers views on other critical aspects of purchasing ERP systems and get a heads up on what to look for to ensure a good fit with your company.

Download the report here:

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,