Summer is right around the corner and soon enough employees will start planning summer vacations. The more employees you have, the harder it can be to manage vacation time, (mandatory) sick leave, and other paid-time-off (PTO) options. In addition, with employees knocking on the door to find out how much time they have available, your HR/payroll people are distracted from other important tasks. Learn how you can keep count of vacation days without becoming a vacation planner.

Businesses may use different procedures for managing PTO and they often involve manual processes. Employees email managers to request time off and are often emailed back with approvals or requests for changes, then the employees make notes on paper or electronic timesheets with the time they may have used. That PTO is calculated by the payroll team, applied to payroll batches, and later tallied in employee records so both the employer and employee know how much PTO they have available. Considering vacation time, sick time, personal days, holiday time, and many other options, calculating multiple leave codes can become confusing. Furthering the complication, leave accruals, lump-sum allocations, or comp time are other variables that need consideration and calculation before they can be applied. The more employees you have, the more time your payroll team devotes to calculating vacation time instead of other important tasks.

Tame complicated PTO planning by adding Comprehensive Leave Manager to your GP Payroll solution. This powerful payroll solution offers an unlimited number of user-defined leave codes. You can offer multiple types of leave such as vacation, sick time, comp time, and more. You can set policies for accruals, lump-sum allocations, and comp time and use different waiting period options, for example when a new hire has to wait before using PTO. A self-service portal can be used by employees to check their available PTO and request time off, which reduces the distractions to your payroll team as well as with management who may be responsible for approving requests for time off.

You don’t need to be a vacation planner to manage PTO for your employees. Contact Integrity Data to learn more about Comprehensive Leave Manager and other time-saving GP payroll solutions that can streamline complicated payroll procedures.

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By Integrity Data, Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing solutions for Payroll and HR