Picking processes are as unique as the distributors that deploy them. Efficient and flexible picking systems need to factor in all of the variables, from expiration dates to shipping methods, that are unique to the products and the company procedures.

The right answer

The number of variables involved in optimizing the picking process for your organization are more than the human mind can master. While your organization may have been depending on spreadsheets or an aging system to help with the process, there is likely to be lots of room for improvement.

An ERP or accounting system that integrates information from all the functions and factors that affect picking can crunch the data to recommend the best options. Collecting data through integrated wireless devices further fine tunes operations. Systems should be able to optimize:

  • Picking routes from multiple picking locations.
  • Bulk, pallet and partial pallet picking.
  • Picking rules based on inventory status, item type, area of warehouse and/or customer.
  • Replenishment that supports efficient picking.

The bottom line

To improve the operational efficiency of your supply chain, you need processes that get the product out the door as quickly as possible. Picking is often a bottleneck for distributors that the computing power of technology can streamline.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP the answer is YES.

Next steps:

If you are a small or mid-sized distribution company evaluating accounting software, contact CAL Business Solutions to determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is right for you. sales@calszone.com 860-485-0910×4.