Microsoft Dynamics GP Hardware Costs

How much does Microsoft Dynamics GP cost? There are 4 costs to consider when planning for the price of a new accounting/ERP software purchase. Let’s look at Microsoft Dynamics GP Hardware Costs.

  1. Software licenses
  2. Maintenance fee
  3. Implementation services
  4. Hardware

Many companies carefully budget for the cost of ERP software, services, and everything in between, but they forget to factor in the costs for the infrastructure required to make it all run.

Depending on how you choose to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP there are three specific hardware costs you may need to include in your ERP software budget:

 1)   The Server

It is highly recommended that mid-market accounting packages, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, reside on their own dedicated server.

Note: If you decide to set up a web portal (a secure online site to view data) for your system, this may require an additional server called an IIS server. Business Intelligence and Reporting Services may also need to run on a separate server.

 2)   SQL Server Operating System

Microsoft Dynamics GP includes the free version of SQL Server called SQL Express. But SQL Express does have a size limitation and fewer admin tools.  So you may need to purchase Standard Edition SQL server licenses.

You need the same number of SQL licenses as you have accounting software user licenses. And we recommend that you budget to buy a few additional SQL licenses as some reporting tools in your accounting system will require a SQL license too.

3)   Workstations

If you are deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP on individual desktop computers (workstations) you will need to confirm that they have adequate hard drive space and other factors.

For detailed system requirements please review the following:

Microsoft Dynamics GP System Requirements
Dynamics GP Web Client System Requirements
Management Reporter System Requirements
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 System Requirements
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 System Requirements
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 System Requirements
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 System Requirements

The best way to determine if your infrastructure is ready for a Microsoft Dynamics GP installation is to speak with a local Microsoft Certified Partner.

CAL Business Solutions does not sell hardware.  We rely on local Microsoft certified partners familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics GP system requirements to assist you in getting the right infrastructure in place prior to your Microsoft Dynamics GP installation.  Please ask us for recommendations of local IT companies you can trust.

Not sure you want to make investments in hardware? Consider other deployment options for Microsoft Dynamics GP such as hosting or subscription (SAAS).

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