CAL has partnered with Liaison Software for many years now, providing their add-on’s to our Dynamics GP customers. When we added Acumatica & Dynamics 365 BC ERP to our product offering, we were excited to see that their solutions can be used with those solutions also, and we already have Acumatica customers using them. Besides batch emailing and batch faxing, here are the Top 10 reasons why GP, BC and Acumatica users should take a look at Liaison Messenger EDD :

  1. Attach Variable attachments, some examples are:
    • All Invoices listed on Statement to Statement in one PDF
    • Call summary reports to Invoices
    • MSDS’ to Invoices
    • Certificate of Analysis to Invoices (by item number and lot)
    • Vendor Invoices to a Print Batch edit report
    • Marketing documents by item number
  1. Attach static attachments, some examples are:
    • Terms & Conditions to Purchase Orders
    • Marketing documents
  1. Features related to emailing:
    • Centralized emailing from one server
    • Customers who have multiple invoices (created in the same batch/print selection) receive them merged into one PDF, in one email.
    • Distribution history stored in one location and not at individual workstations. Eliminating lost history due to employee attrition.
    • Email to multiple email addresses.
    • Use unique email addresses by document/report. i.e., Purchase order are sent from while invoices are sent from
    • Office 365/exchange – Messenger EDD allows you to “throttle” the speed of emails to stay within the Office 365 limit of 30 emails per minute
    • Many email distribution options. Messenger EDD works with Outlook, Office 365, SMTP, a standard MAPI client, and Gmail
  1. No end user training. It’s as simple as printing through your normal print procedures but now with Liaison’s print driver and you are batch email, batch faxing, archiving, routing, attaching, etc.!
  2. Use your existing reports, SSRS, Crystal Reports, etc.
  3. Add password protection to PDFs emailed and archived. Commonly used when distributing Direct Deposit Statements.
  4. When distributing Direct Deposit Statements, Messenger EDD allows you to use a personal email address where Acumatica requires you to use the company email address in Acumatica.
  5. Use data on report processed to easily create the naming convention of PDFs archived and emailed to customers, vendors, employees, etc.
  6. With Messenger EDD’s filtered routing and PDF bursting capabilities, print Pick Tickets to specific printers in warehouse.
  7. Route forms and/or reports to salespeople, warehouses, territories, etc. all trigged from the initial print selection in Acumatica

If you are a CAL customer, Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 BC or Acumatica user and interested in Liaison Messenger EDD, contact us now and we would be happy to help you evaluate this solution and see how it can help your organization.

Do you have questions or would like to learn more about Acumatica/BC ERP? Contact CAL  to schedule a call with our team.

By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP/365 BC Partner,