Now that year end is behind us and we are almost into Spring weather, Microsoft still seems to be getting a lot of cases for customers sitting on an older GP version 18.3.  When these cases come in that maybe emails are not working or “I turned on Modern Auth and now edit lists are missing”, it reminds Microsoft of all the GREAT reasons why customers would benefit to upgrade Dynamics GP 18.3.

Microsoft started to list them out for you so they can easily identify and quantify the significant reasons of why they suggest customers should no longer be on Dynamics GP 18.3, which was released in October 2020 .

  1. The longer you wait….the harder it may get.
  2. You can still get by with 1 hop on an upgrade.
  3. Reminder emails for Workflow will work.
  4. I don’t want to run into the printing black box nightmare again that will force my hand.
  5. Workflow emails can send attachments greater than 4MB.
  6. Escalation emails for Workflow will work.
  7. Because Terry Heley said I should.
  8. Recalling a completed workflow may cause GP to loop and hang!
  9. Don’t get left in the dust sitting on an outdated ERP system.
  10. You can print 1099 NEC form with boxes and lines!! More 1099 forms will be added too in 2023 what a year end TIME SAVER!!
  11. Multiple fixes to the Stock Count import feature that was added in 18.3.
  12. I’m missing out on over 40 features that have been added to the system 🙁
  13. Workflow attachments may show on the first step emails, but do not flow to subsequent approvers.
  14. You are missing out on WORKFLOW AUTOMATION which saves everyone time, money and resources.
  15. You may receive multiple prompts to authenticate between each document that is being emailed.
  16. Emails are an important part of my Dynamics GP process, and I cannot have any downtime for email issues.
  17. Workflow approval emails are missing edit list attachments.
  18. Data security and integrity.
  19.  I’m now 13 updates (service packs) behind what is currently releasing, oops!
  20.  If you use web client, Modern Authentication was added with 18.5 release.
  21. The Exchange Log On window may still appear at times even though you are using Modern Auth.
  22. The Human Resource Vacation Calendar drop down stops at year 2020!
  23. Workflow: Assignment e-mail not sent when approving from Web Services link with Modern Auth enabled.
  24. Better security and support.
  25. Microsoft Windows 11 is supported and tested.
  26. An upgrade is much easier than a re-implementation of something else.
  27. How much time and money am I spending troubleshooting something that is already fix?  This could be towards my upgrade effort.
  28. Higher quality systems.
  29. Because all the cool kids are doing it.
  30. Insufficient Memory Error when emailing Customer Statements with MFA and Reply To Email Address assigned in Sales Email Setup window.
  31. Shorter Upgrades/Patches = less downtime.
  32. You already paid for the software through enhancements, let’s start to use it.
  33. Microsoft Windows Server 2022 supported.
  34. Better performance.
  35. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable on older versions of GP and SQL.
  36.  Microsoft SQL Server 2022 compatible.
  37. Cost Savings to you!
  38. Workflow approver Count options.
  39. Higher user productivity.
  40. Because Microsoft Dynamics GP is “the GOAT”
  41. Excel Copy and Paste payroll transactions!
  42. We have fixed over 150+ quality issues that you may be experiencing., ouch!
  43. Easy onboarding and training, in most cases the newer software is easier for users to learn.
  44. No approval needed option in workflow and extra emails around workflow approvals.
  45. Improves your business process and operation, stay competitive.
  46. Keeps you legal, upgrades keep you current with latest tax laws and accounting best practices.
  47. Printing Cash Receipts and email capability.
  48. Higher process productivity.
  49. Did I say more awesome new features and functionality that will make your experience using the software better.
  50. Actually, per the Modern Lifecycle policy you should apply at least 1 update per year.
  51. BONUS – 18.2 was the start of Modern Lifecycle, here is a recap of what it means for Dynamics GP.

Enjoy this recap of all the things Microsoft has added for you over the last couple of years!!

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By  CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP & Acumatica Partner,

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