Managing your data without losing your mind, that is how I feel at times.  Whenever we are trying to find our data in larger transaction history tables, it is sure nice to have MORE OPTIONS!!  Who wants to sift through a list of dates and numbers if we can restrict it down and filter out the unnecessary.  This feature does just that on many of the popular posting journals. Reprint reports for Bank Posting Journals and Bank History reports currently have a range restriction for the Audit Trail code. Additional filter options for Checkbook ID and Transactions date/posting date have been added for most reports as listed below.

In the Reprint Bank Posting Journal Options:
Currently is Audit Trail Code only for most reports, some do have a posting date option.
Checkbook ID was added and Posting Date (equal to deposit date for bank deposit posting journal)

Audit Trail Code added too:
Bank Deposit Journal                                         Reconciliation Journal
Cleared Transactions Journal                           Checkbook Journal
Bank Transfer Journal                                        Outstanding Transactions Report

Audit Trail Code and Posting Date added too:
Bank Transaction Journal                                  Bank Adjustments Journal

The example below for the Financial Posting Journal Options window shows the new range restrictions for Checkbook ID and Deposit date added:

Reprint Bank Posting Journal Options Window

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