5 Reasons to switch to Acumatica

Switching ERP systems is no simple task. There is a lot of prep, discussion and planning that goes into the decision. Clients and prospects often ask us what made us decide to deploy Acumatica in-house, so we thought we’d put a list together of the main considerations that went into our decision. We hope they help make it easier for you to evaluate where you are and where you’d like to be. Review the 5 Reasons we decided to switch to Acumatica.

1.   Acumatica provides our business with a “Single Source of Truth”

The biggest issues we hear from clients as they grow are all due to too many disparate systems.  Systems that don’t talk to each other cause headaches for all businesses: having to re-enter data into multiple places, working with choppy reports that must be pieced together, needing to dig for current customer information, losing sales, and so much more.

We had the same issue.  As CAL Business Solutions grew, we had to add on different systems to manage our business.  Dynamics GP was our core for accounting, but we had something for our support team to manage cases, another solution for our projects, one for customer management, and another for reporting.  We didn’t see a complete picture of our business or customers and our teams had to spend more time following up to get information from other departments.

Read more on how Acumatica helped CAL and what a Single Source of Truth means for your business.

2.   Acumatica is the best cloud ERP solution since its birth

2. Acumatica is the best cloud ERP solutionWe hear Acumatica often touted as “built in the cloud,” but why is that important? Since Acumatica is a newer built platform, it was developed in an entirely different world.  It was not just updated to work in the cloud but was designed to do it from day one. Acumatica was built to work on modern, more powerful devices, with a responsive and mobile design behind it.  For us, this means it doesn’t matter where we are or which device we are using, we get all the same data, real-time.

Built in the cloud means built for growth and adaptation. Acumatica is intuitive and versatile, and they put lots of time and money into developing their product, which means businesses can continuously improve their own processes too.  Learn more here.

3.   Analog to digital transformation – automation in action

You might have heard buzzwords around artificial intelligence and machine learning.  But what does it really mean for a small to mid-sized business?  No, you don’t have to deploy robots. Instead, you implement a system with built-in tools that make your team smarter. For example, with Acumatica, you get automation tools to help your business; such as, document management, payable automation, and sale automation.  Read more about each of them and learn how to move your business into the digital world without having to be an expert.

4.   Integrated CRM = customer success

Having an integrated Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) tool is another way Acumatica provides that complete picture of your business.  For us, it’s crucial, giving us a view of all customer interactions and history, keeping track of sales, following leads and opportunities through the customer journey, and facilitating collaboration between our teams.  We no longer have manual processes or sync issues between systems and can answer customer questions on the spot when they call. Our data is real-time and reliable across the entire business.

Learn more about the details on Acumatica’s Integrated CRM.

Switch from Dynamics GP to Acumatica

5.   Problem solved: Linking Business Accounts

Long gone are the headaches for us associated with multiple databases and various master records.  Acumatica coins the term Business Accounts for “anyone we do business with,” or “someone you have a relationship with.”  It doesn’t matter if they are a vendor, customer, prospect, employee, etc. nor does it matter which department is accessing their info, and from where. Everything is in one spot, updated in real time, and accessible to anyone with permissions. It’s truly amazing.  Read more about Acumatica’s and Business Accounts.

As you go about evaluating your needs, be sure to take a long walk through how you ideally want to leverage technology and automation. It will save you time and headaches as you narrow your options. If you’d like a tour guide who has been through it many, many times, the team at CAL is here for you.  Call us at 860-485-0910 or send us an email at sales@calszone.com and let’s talk ERP.

By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com