Before we moved to Acumatica as our internal ERP system, our Controller was manually sending out emails to clients with overdue invoices each month. This would take between three to six hours a month, depending on how many invoices were overdue. Now, they are sent automatically.

On the 15th of each month, our Controller would run a trial balance report. Then she selected the invoices that were 45 days old or older. She would then send out an email to each client to ask for payment.

Often the client would say, “I don’t remember getting that bill, can you please resend it.” So our Controller would spend more time answering. (This was also helped by sending out AR statements in Acumatica).

Now, this is all done automatically with a Business Event in Acumatica. A business event is a trigger that looks at the information in your ERP system at a point in time, and then creates a series of automation steps to complete an action.

We set up a Business Event that tells the system, “On the 15th of each month, send an email with this message to all clients with invoices that are 45-74 days overdue, and attach the invoice to the email.”

For clients that are 75+ days overdue, a separate Business Event is triggered that sends them an email, with a copy of the invoice, but with a message that is more direct.

For each email, we can customize the message, including our logo, and make sure it is formatted to look professional.

Using Acumatica Business Events completely removed a difficult manual task. The Controller saves three to six hours a month of her time. Plus, she does not have to wonder if she missed sending any emails.

Our Controller at CAL Business Solution also uses Business Events to monitor the status of Enhancement Renewals. If our clients pay their annual enhancement even one day after the expiration date, it is a big deal. We do send out invoices and reminders. This is now automated too, thanks to MaxQ Automated Billing in Acumatica, which saves us about 30 hours a month.  But if we still have not received payment ten days before expiration, our Controller will receive a specific alert to notify her that she needs to take action.

The business automation workflow that’s built into Acumatica allows us to isolate a specific event, and take very sophisticated, detailed actions.  This saves time and reduces human error.

What tasks would you like to automate?

If you are ready to evaluate a new ERP system with this type of functionality, let’s talk about Acumatica. It has helped our team, and it can help yours too. Contact CAL Business Solutions at 860-485-0910 x4 or

Video: Quick Look at Streamlining Tasks with Acumatica Business Events in Acumatica

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Business Event in Acumatica - Benefits of Moving From Dynamics GP to Acumatica