What information do you want to see while you are working in Acumatica? Put it in a side panel for easy access. In this video, we will show you the power of side panels in Acumatica.

Watch the video:  Quick Look at Side Panels in Acumatica

Video Transcription:

“The next feature that I’d like to show is the side panel. For a side panel, I’m going to click on my “US Bartending School”. We’re going to use this customer throughout the rest of the demo. I’m going to click on this screen here. This side panel here is going out and it’s going to pass that parameter that I clicked to “USA Bartender”. It’s going to show me the customer profile page. It’s using the responsive design of Acumatica to put that on the side there, but still allow me to see the information that I want, that my eyes are attracted to on the side. I have the ability to go through different tabs, like if I was on an iPad or a smaller screen here, but I also have the ability to check this box here where it’s going to do like a quick overlay of the record, so that I’m still on my generic inquiry, but I’m able to access and modify information I have access to, and do some different action and see some different information.

It says contact. I can either pin that all the way back. I can hit this button again and bring it back to my side panel or maybe I like to see it at half a screen. I have some different options there. Another way is that dashboard that we looked at when we first started was that customer view. You can see, it’s taking again that information, passing it over, and showing me all the different information that’s related to that based on that dashboard. I can also switch maybe to “Cartridge World”. Let’s see what they have and how the system is going to go in and update all my widgets based on that parameter that was passed. Again, I could expand it or minimize it or get rid of it.”

This is a snippet from a detailed Acumatica overview. Watch the full video – Acumatica Lunch and Learn Part 1 – Acumatica Overview.

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