Most of our Microsoft Dynamics GP clients use MICR laser checks. But many people do not realize that there is a MICR option for Acumatica Cloud ERP too.

MaxQ Technologies offers AP/PR Laser Checks for Acumatica. You can print accounts payable and payroll MICR coded checks using blank paper stock.

MICR Laser Checks for Acumatica

According to MaxQ there are three main benefits of adding this tool to your Acumatica system.

  1. Save Money: Use blank check stock to print checks for multiple banks. MICR fonts allow for printed checks to include account and routing numbers.
  2. Save Time: Print signatures directly onto your checks or multiple signatures when required.
  3. Add Security: Set a dollar amount threshold for when a password is required to print a check with a signature or require manual signatures.

At CAL Business Solutions we use Acumatica as our own internal ERP system. We did not want to work with manual pre-printed checks.  And we were very happy to find the MaxQ laser checks option.

We agree that using MICR checks is more secure, more convenient and will save us money in the long run.

It is true that you do have to buy special toner for the printer, but the toner usually only costs between $5 to $8 more.  And there are other cost savings. For example, when we recently changed banks, all we had to do was change the font and the routing number. We did not have to throw away a stack of unused pre-printed checks and order new ones. This could be a big expense, especially for companies that have multiple bank accounts.

We feel more secure knowing that there is a not a stack of pre-printed blank checks left in our office, perhaps tempting someone to create problems. With MICR we only print the checks as we use them. However, with the MaxQ module we do also have the option to print blank checks that we can add a handwritten amount, so that we can still write checks on the fly. We can even print duplicate checks, including a watermark to easily keep copies as records.

Are you interested in moving to MICR checks for your Acumatica system?

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut based Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Partner