For manufacturing companies, Acumatica allows finite capacity plans at the workstation and machine level. This facilitates quoting accurate ship dates to customers with capable-to-promise (CTP) while more effectively scheduling machines, tools, maintenance, vacation days, and those short turn-around special requests from important customers.

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Acumatica has released phase two of Advanced Planning and Scheduling which covers machine scheduling. With phase one of Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Acumatica got down to finite capacity scheduling at the work center level.

Acumatica has work center capacity and work center schedules, but now Acumatica has machine capacity and machine schedules too.

There is a new button, or a new check-box, that has been added under production preferences to turn on the machine scheduling. On work center forms, if you’re interested in using the machine scheduling, you would just set up your basis for the capacity to be the machines.

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