By John Miele, CAL Business Solutions

Many of our customers are choosing to move their traditional on-premises Dynamics GP systems to the cloud. When this decision is made, it is a great opportunity to perform an upgrade. That way you know you are starting off with a clean, solid, current version in the new environment.

Our team at CAL Business Solutions recommends performing a TEST upgrade to the cloud first. This does not affect your current system, and your users can continue to work normally.  The users can test the new cloud system, at their leisure. Once all testing is completed satisfactorily, we would schedule the live cutover. This is an overview of the steps taken.

A test upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  1. All Dynamics GP related databases must be backed up on the production
  2. The backup files would be copied to the new server and restored there.
  3. The GP users in SQL will need to be copied to the new server.
  4. Updated software for core Dynamics GP and any 3rd party applications would need to be installed.
  5. Any modified SSRS reports would need to be copied to the new server along with SSRS Security.
  6. Any links in Dynamics GP or 3rd party applications to the old server will need to be updated (i.e.  Shared Reports dictionaries, SSRS Reports, SafePay configurations, Mekorma Stub library, Integration Manager Databases, etc.)
  7. In a cloud scenario, the Dynamics GP Client would need to be installed on a terminal server or Citrix Server.  So, since Dynamics GP is a client/server application, you would need 2 servers for a cloud deployment (SQL Server, Terminal Server).  If you wish to use the Web Client, that would require an additional Server (Web Server). Note: this is the case in both cloud and on-premise scenarios.
  8. The test upgrade would then be performed[1].

User testing Dynamics GP in the cloud:

  1. Each user would have a shortcut on their desktops to log in to the cloud Terminals Server and would launch Dynamics GP from their personal desktops on the terminal server.
  2. Users are always asked to test all daily, weekly, monthly and annual Dynamics GP work in the test environment.

Live cutover:

  1. Once testing has been completed the live cutover is scheduled and performed.  Then access to the production system would be disabled, and all new work would be performed in the new environment.

In the past, there was only one way to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP – on a server at your location. However, now you have several choices including the traditional on-premises model, hosted model and 100% cloud model running in Microsoft Azure. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and price points that you need to consider based on your company requirements.

Compare your Dynamics GP deployment options

If you are considering moving Microsoft Dynamics GP to the cloud, CAL Business Solutions can help you make a smooth transition.

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By John Miele, Senior Support & Upgrade Specialist, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut based Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica partner,

[1] One or more interim upgrades may be necessary to reach the current version.