Its Document Attach Week on the GP 2018 Feature of the Day Blog.

Why is document attachment important?

Document Attach enables users to attach multiple documents to Items, Customers, Vendors, Assets and Transactions. It makes it easier and reduces the number of clicks to get information by having instant access to documents like signed documents, W-9’s, Contracts, Credit Reports, Customer POs, pictures.  Any document you can think of can be attached or you could attach a link to a OneDrive site or SharePoint.

Now users don’t need to search around various places.

Keep in mind, document attach stores documents in the SQL database, so for larger files, you will want an alternate location.

What does it look like?  Here is where you click to attach a document.

Doc Attach Summary-1

Here is the attachment window.  As you can see you can have an unlimited number of attachments and it stores date/time/user stamps.

Doc Attach Summary-2

In GP 2018 Document Attach added:

  • Receivables Transaction Inquiry Zoom
  • Journal Entry Inquiry
  • Transaction Entry Zoom Inquiry
  • Employee Inquiry
  • I-9 Form (No Corresponding Inquiry)
  • Asset General Information
  • Asset Inquiry Window

In GP 2018 Notes added to:

  • Vendor Inquiry Window
  • Customer Inquiry Window
  • Project Inquiry Window
  • PA Project Inquiry Window

Document Attachment week continues tomorrow…

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