Did you know that in the SalesPad standard grid Quick Reports you can create your own groups and subtotals?

Run any grid Quick Report, then right click on any of the column headings. You will have the options to “Group By This Column” or “Show/Hide Group By Box”.

Note: Group by this column OR dragging a column heading into the group by box do the same thing. It will group all of your data by that field.

In order to add Subtotals to your groups the report might need some minor modifications. Under each grouping if you see a thick boarder, just right click in that group footer under any column and choose to subtotal.

Your reports can also include a footer at the very bottom where you can do the same right click under any column and get a total for all the data.

Standard Grid:

Show Group By Box:

Group By Location Code:

Add Subtotal to group footer:

Add Total to the report footer:

Using the group and subtotal features in your Dynamics GP with SalesPad system can add a lot more dimension to your reports.

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