ACA reporting is a hot topic in finance departments right now. So have a little fun and test your knowledge with this new 20 question ACA Payroll Quiz offered by our partner, Integrity  Data. Not only will you see how much you already know, you will get answers to all 20 important questions related to the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act. Scoring at the end of this quiz includes a list of recommended payroll system changes and gives links to government URLs that everyone in your payroll or HR department should bookmark and.

Here is a sneak peak at the 20 questions, but visit to take the quiz.

ACA Payroll Quiz Questions:

  1. If an employer does not have a grandfathered health care plan that is a non-calendar year plan, the company’s penalty-assessment period for non-compliance with the Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions of the Affordable Care Act begins: (multiple choice) 
  2. For which employees does an employer need to produce Form 1095-C? (multiple choice)
  3. What triggers an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment? (multiple choice)
  4. In tracking an employee’s eligibility for health care coverage, an employer must credit an employee for every hour that the employee was paid (or entitled to be paid) for doing his or her job, plus for every hour the employee was paid (or entitled to be paid) because of the following: (multiple choice)
  5. If an employee is required by his or her employer to be on-call, he or she must be credited with hours for which they had to be on-call at the employer’s premises and for: (multiple choice)
  6. In determining an employee’s eligibility for health care coverage, an employer must make sure that the sum of their initial measurement period and their initial administrative period does not exceed: (multiple choice)
  7. Employees determined to be full-time during a standard measurement period must be offered coverage during a corresponding stability period of generally the same length even if: (multiple choice)
  8. A standard measurement period applies to an employee when, on his or her date of hire:
  9. The rule of parity refers to: (multiple choice)
  10. An employee can be treated as terminated and rehired (a new hire) for the purpose of calculating full-time status if they were absent for 13 consecutive weeks or: (multiple choice)
  11. Who is the enforcer for the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act? (multiple choice)
  12. The Affordable Care Act created three safety nets for employers to use in order to assure an employee pays a portion of coverage regardless of how many hours they actually worked in their stability period. Two of the three so-called “safe harbor” options provide a mechanism with which an employee will be assessed a deduction for health care coverage separate from his or her actual hours. The two safe harbors applicable in this particular case are: (multiple choice) 
  13. In 2015, an employer’s offer of coverage to an eligible employee will meet the ACA standard for affordability if it does not exceed: (multiple choice) 
  14. An offer of coverage to an eligible employee is deemed a qualified offer if this offer meets the minimum value standard and provides coverage for: (multiple choice)
  15. An employer does not have to offer coverage to: (multiple choice)
  16. If a variable-hour employee waives coverage after he or she is determined, during a measurement period, to be eligible for coverage, that waiver is effective: (multiple choice)
  17. If they meet the definition of an applicable large employer, nonprofit organizations and government entities are not exempt from the Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions of the Affordable Care Act. (True/False)
  18. Every employee who has not worked at least one entire standard measurement period must be assigned his or her own initial measurement period and an associated stability period. This initial stability period must: (multiple choice)
  19. For commonly controlled or affiliated companies, reporting on eligibility counts is a matter of: (multiple choice)
  20. In 2015, penalties won’t be assessed for employers with 50 to 99 full-time employees if they have: (multiple choice)

Now that you know the questions, see how many you can answer correctly. Take the ACA Payroll Quiz today at ACA Payroll Quiz .

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