In the post, How to Divorce Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner I explained how leaving your current Dynamics GP partner is like ending a relationship.  But some companies, like some people, want to avoid confrontation when leaving a relationship and worry how the original partner will react. 

The steps to actually make the change are simple (see How to Change Your Dynamics GP Partner Of Record With Microsoft) but several times I have been asked, “Will my old partner know where I have gone?”

The answer is that your old partner WILL get notification from Microsoft letting them know you have changed partners. However they will not receive any details. They won’t know the reason why you left or who you chose as your new partner.

Your old partner will receive an automated email that looks like this:

From: []

Subject: VAR Change

Thank You for your commitment to Microsoft Business Solutions.

This email is being sent to inform you that (company name) has completed a reseller change form, selecting another Partner.

Microsoft values our partners and wants to ensure you were aware of this request.

**If you have any questions, please contact your Existing Customer Sales Representative.**

We always recommend that you let your partner know you are unhappy and give them a chance to reconcile. If so, this email would not come as a complete surprise to them. However, you may decide it is best to part ways without explanation, in which case they will receive the email above and you are both free to pursue other relationships.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,