In the last few weeks, we have had two Microsoft Dynamics GP clients want to do very complicated General Ledger allocations.

In both of these scenarios, Microsoft Dynamics GP could not handle the process “out of the box.” However, we located an add-on tool called Advanced Allocations.

The first client takes all of their corporate expenses and allocates them out to all their locations.  In the core Microsoft Dynamics GP, once you allocate something, it leaves that account and you don’t have visibility of it anymore.  Once the expenses were allocated, their corporate account showed empty, but at month-end, this company still wanted to be able to report on what was actually posted to the corporate account.

With this tool, instead of allocating the expenses out of a corporate account, they are moved into an offset account, then you can create the month-end financial statement that shows all the corporate expenses.  You net those out against these offset accounts and the net effect is zero.

In the second scenario, this company wanted its allocations to take place at a specific time. In the core Microsoft Dynamics GP as soon as you post the allocation it goes through; but with this add-on tool, you can wait until a certain trigger, such as month-end, to post allocations. It is like “on-demand” allocations.

This company also wanted to be able to set up tiered allocations so that the accounts could be allocated in a certain order.  For example, the company might want to allocate the corporate expenses first and then allocate the specific program expenses later because some of the accounts that are being allocated are used to do breakdown allocations in other accounts.  This add-on tool does tiered allocations as well.

If you are a CAL client and you want to do complex General Ledger allocations in Microsoft Dynamics GP, we have a tool for that.  Contact CAL Business Solutions at or 860-485-0910 x4.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,