Evolution1, Inc. has become successful selling its solution for electronic healthcare payments and they run their business on Microsoft Dynamics GP; but they faced some challenges:

  • Manual processes led to inaccurate financial data.
  • Employees had to wait too long for expense reimbursements.
  • Invoice entries were time consuming and vendors were not pleased with late payments.

CAL Business Solutions recommended Ariett, an expense management add-on product for Microsoft Dynamics GP, as a solution.

Expense Reimbursement

In the age of instant electronic transactions, it is disconcerting for an employee to have to wait 30 days for reimbursements, but Evolution1 had such a complex procedure and so many hands touching the data before it could be processed that the wait was inevitable.   According to Evolution1’s Corporate Controller, Jennifer Francis, the company was also reluctant to issue corporate cards to employees since they had few means of documenting how employees were spending money.

In order to handle accounts payable (AP) processes, the company required one full time employee plus a part-time temporary employee, and even together, they could not handle the increased volume after the company’s merger. With the help of Ariett, however, Evolution1 was able to integrate their expense processing and corporate credit card tracking into Microsoft Dynamics GP. Within 2 months, they system was fully implemented, and employees were satisfied with the results.

Self Service

Ariett provided Evolution1 with automatic self service expense management, a system that required no manual manipulation and cut down the 1.5 employees responsible for accounts payable to just one. They also provided corporate credit card integration so that credit card transactions are automatically reported each day.

If you would like to see benefits like Evolution1, contact CAL Business Solutions and we will help you evaluate Ariett tools such as ReqNet, Xpense, AP Invoice, and MyTripNet.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner