There are two types of email notifications in the new Workflow system for Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 R2: Workflow assignment notifications, and Workflow action completed notifications. With Workflow assignment notifications, users can receive an email notifying them that a workflow action has been assigned to them for a document. This email contains information about the document, including information from the document workflow. The user is also able to perform Workflow actions against the document by clicking a hyperlink in the email. This opens a Web page that allows the user to enter comments, and complete the action.

With Workflow action completed notifications, the workflow can be configured to send notifications to the originator and other users when actions are taken against a document. These are set up for a workflow in the Workflow Email Notification Maintenance window.

Email templates are configured in the Message Setup window. This window has been modified to include Workflow fields, as well as allow line item information to be included in the message

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