According to the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog in Receivables Checkbook Inquiry, you can now see the Checkbook ID that the cash receipt was posted to.  In Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 SP2, instead of looking at a posting report to identify the checkbook, the information is shown on screen.

This will work for transactions that were entered prior to upgrading to SP2 as well.

If you have a checkbook that doesn’t have activity in the month, for audit purposes you want to indicate that you’ve reconciled the checkbook.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 SP2 you can select a checkbook to reconcile, enter the reconcile information and without marking any transactions reconcile the checkbook.  The last reconciled date and last reconciled balance on the checkbook will be updated.

Is this for you? The targeted role is: Accounting Manager, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Accounts Receivable Administrator.

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