Hard work, dedication and the good values are traits that many once believed all businesses needed. One business, Empire Industries, continues to thrive with those traits, proudly displaying “Made in the USA; Proud Employees Manufacturing American Made Products” on its pipe support products. And we are proud that they use Microsoft Dynamics GP to help them in that manufacturing process.

Empire Industries is a manufacturer of pipe-support fixtures for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. If you can think of a type of pipe support, Empire probably makes it. Including, but not limited to, steel and stainless steel supports, brackets, bolts, clamps, shields, guides and plates. Whether you are walking through a school building or a sports stadium, you are likely to come across some pipes held in place by Empire supports. The company manufactures all shapes and sizes from half-inch copper tube straps to 30-inch supports for power plant piping.

In an economic time when many organizations were making cutbacks and reducing their numbers of employees, Empire has actually enjoyed a growth in revenue and an increase in the number of employees from 48 in 2010 to 71 in 2013. The company’s revenue increased by 24 percent last year to $24 million.

Founded in 1942 by Joseph Schauster, Empire is now run by Joseph’s grandson mark Schauster, and the company continues to focus on efficiency, productivity and employee engagement. To help encourage employees, the company offers a profit sharing program. “The more we make, the more employees share in that,” said Controller Dave Erb.

Empire has received acclaim from Connecticut leaders for its work to increase employment and revenue, including praise from U.S. Representative John Larson, Governor Dan Malloy and Capital Workforce Partners. As Empire continues to thrive and grow, it will maintain its well-deserved position as one of the country’s shining examples of a successful manufacturing business.

Source: Hartford County Business Journal: Pride in workmanship a core value at Empire

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