Has it been a long week? Do you find yourself looking forward to Friday only to realize Friday is the last day you want to deal with this week? Is this the week and the day when you have to print checks? You may be experiencing some of the early signs of CPD syndrome, a far too common disorder associated with check printing day. If you experience CPD anxiety, frustration, or even depression, Mekorma Multi-Batch Print and Post may be able to help you.

Watch video: https://youtu.be/watch?v=UlWL_lJjNKE 

Mekorma Multi-Batch Print and Post is a batch check printing solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, providing a familiar interface for all of your checking printing and EFT batches. CPD traditionally involves pressing print over and over, waiting for printing, more button pressing, more anxious waiting, and ultimately mental breakdown. This is the result of a software imbalance in your system. Mekorma’s Multi-Batch Print and Post can not only help alleviate those symptoms, but is also a known cure.

Mekorma Multi-Batch Print and Post may not be right for everyone. Side effects include leaving early on Friday, golfing at noon, and enjoying liquid lunches. Professionals who enjoy tedious tasks should not use Mekorma Multi-Batch Print and Post as it may make their lives far too easy. Mekorma Multi-Batch Print and Post may be habit forming, so users should contact their Microsoft partner and shower them with praise if they experience any habitual happiness and relief.

If you would like CPD to be a joyous occasion instead of a dreadful chore find out more about Mekorma Multi-Batch Print and Post. CPD is treatable. You do not have to suffer in dark loneliness any longer.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut/Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner