So many businesses are swimming in a sea of paper. Our friends at Altec compiled a list of a few of the outdated ways people decide to save and share documents. I think it is enough to inspire everyone to “go paperless.” Are you guilty of any of these inefficiencies?

  1. Print and Scan – Inevitably, someone will send a document via email.  Ideally, an electronic document should stay electronic, but too often, it is printed, filed away, and then later ends up being scanned back into digital form
  2. Print and Distribute – Far worse than simply being filed, some documents are received electronically but then printed and distributed throughout the organization. With one email, you might go from paperless to a paper mess.
  3. Network Storage – While this plan sounds more in line with reason, saving a file to a shared network drive only works well if it is well organized with a decent file system structure. What usually happens is that the person who shares the file puts it anywhere it will fit, leaves it there, and forgets about it.
  4. Beginning with paper – It is hard to justify going paperless if you still require customers to fill out paper forms and other documents. You have to begin and remain digital throughout the complete business process.
  5. Spreadsheet Chaos – How are you tracking your documents? If your answer is a massive spreadsheet that you email around the office or store on a network drive, shame on you. There are better, more efficient ways to make sure you keep track of all of your documents.

Document management should be the least of your concerns, but it often becomes a huge headache and a big hindrance to progress. Using the right tools, such as one of the many outstanding document management add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics GP, will keep your documents running smoothly and not interfering with day-to-day business.

CAL Business Solutions,