It sounds a little hard to imagine that it might be possible to manage your food supply chain from field to fork without something complex and convoluted. If nothing else, it sounds horribly expensive, but Appolis’ WithoutWire Warehouse along with Myappsanywhere’s cloud-based implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM found a way to make it happen. Myappsanywhere has unveiled a new infographic that explains just how complete and seamless it is.

Food manufacturing and distribution begins with raw materials, a farm somewhere in the world, and ends with the consumers purchasing groceries and enjoying their food. In between those two, there are numerous steps and a myriad of things that could go wrong. This new infographic demonstrates how this unique combination of cloud-based software is present and active throughout each step of the process.

In the example used in the infographic, Jim’s farm supplies his peanut butter factory with peanuts that are fully traceable and accountable to food safety standards. It is processed in the manufacturing facility with Dynamics ERP inventory processing and eventually shipped with pick/pack/ship, advanced ship notices (ASN), route delivery, and first expired/first out (FEFO) all handled through Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM.

Jim also has a second factory for manufacturing, but with all of his inventory and processing information in the cloud, all the data is integrated to avoid any mishaps. They also have full recall protection with FSMA compliance. When the sales team adds new grocery store clients, they take Mobile CRM with them and have current inventory and shipping data in their hands. The end result is a consumer who gets verified fresh and reliable food exactly as expected.

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