As most of you know, the IRS is adding a new line to the 2013 Form 941 for reporting additional Medicare tax on high earners.  This is a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which raises the Medicare tax paid by employees by .9% on wages earned over $200,000.

The IRS was very late in publishing the finalized 941 form and new e-file.  Although Greenshades does not anticipate any changes from the development they have completed, they are delaying the release of their first quarter patch for the Greenshades Center (including the new 941 form) to ensure that the changes have been able to be properly tested.  They typically release their 1st quarter patch in mid to late March.  They now intend to release the first quarter patch as soon as Microsoft has released their final patch for Dynamics GP and Greenshades has had a chance to thoroughly test the Greenshades Center to ensure everything is working perfectly with the new form and new Dynamics patch.  They expect the Microsoft patch to be released sometime this week.

Historically, the vast majority of Greenshades’ clients have not filed their 941 returns until the end of April and should not be impacted by this delay.  For the handful of clients that generally file their 941 returns earlier in the month or immediately after their last March payroll, we are asking that you delay your submission until the new form and software have been finalized.  This delay should not be more than a few weeks and will guarantee that your submission is sent in the proper and up to date format.

As always, Greenshades offers free technical support to all users and is happy to schedule training sessions or dedicated support windows. We are adding a set of additional support windows for 941 assistance during the 2nd week of April (starting Monday, April 8th).  They encourage all users who are anxious about the 941 change to contact Greenshades support at 1-888-255-3815 x1 and schedule a time that a Greenshades support representative can walk you through the 941 reporting process.

We will update this post once the Greenshades Center patch is available.

UPDATE 4/4/2013 – From Greenshades Support: “The quarterly patch for the Greenshades Center will be released today. This patch contains the updated 941 form and is fully compatible with the Microsoft patch released last week for Dynamics GP 2010 and 2013. To install the Greenshades patch simply start the Greenshades Center whenever you’re ready to file your first quarter returns and apply updates when prompted. You will need your Dynamics SA password in order to apply the updates. The entire update process will complete in a few minutes.

We still have dedicated support appointments open for next week. If you are ready to report your quarterly returns and would like a support representative to walk you through the process of applying updates and E-Filing your returns then please call us to schedule an appointment. As always, we stand behind our products by offering absolutely free technical support.  If you have any questions about the patch or any other aspect of our products then please reply to this email or call us at 1-888-255-3815.”

By CAL Business Solutions Inc.