The CAL team was happy to host 23 clients at Convergence 2013.  Some of them are Convergence alumni and others attended for the first time. Several of them shared their feedback with us on their Convergence 2013 experience:

 “At Convergence 2013, I got a lot of useful information on how to leverage the products we have and the add-ons that we need that will help us be more efficient and just do things a lot better. So, for me, Convergence was very informative and I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the personal attention from the CAL team. For example, they saved seats for us; it was convenient and allowed us to focus on other things. The last time we were with a different partner and we didn’t receive this attention. CAL just gives me a warm feeling. I feel energized after being here and very excited about going back and taking what I have seen here back to the people I work with.” – Karen, Triple Point Technology

 “Honestly, my favorite part of Convergence is the ISV Expo.  I like just wandering around seeing everything that can be added on to my product. It is such a robust product and you don’t really fully understand that until you’re here and see everything that you can do with it. The classes are really good too  – just listening to your peers on the issues they might be having or the ways they do things that I never knew about. Sometimes when you are on a product for as many years as we have been on it you get tunnel vision. We love CAL and they do a really good job of being great hosts at Convergence; it makes it so much easier and stress free for us to not have to worry about a lot of things. CAL takes very good care of us.” – Christine, Pridestaff

“I absolutely feel it was a valuable and worthwhile investment to attend Convergence. As a brand new user we need to know how to set up our systems and we need to know how everything works. We get to pick everyone’s brains here.” – JoAnn, WAFIOS

“It was definitely worth coming to Convergence. We got a lot of information and we needed that because we are just starting out. It was helpful to spend time with the people from CAL and all the other add on vendors too. The face to face access is great.” – Bob, WAFIOS

“I just wanted to extend a thank you to all for a great Convergence 2013 experience. I left New Orleans with a greater awareness and comfort level with the application and a large amount of information and ideas to explore. I really appreciate CAL hosting us there and providing guidance and for a very nice dinner celebration. It was a pleasure to meet everyone.” –Mike, Epoch Investment Partners

“This year at Convergence I’m really on a fact finding mission to meet with all the ISV partners and figure out what add-on products will really work best for my company to help push us to the next level.” – Jon, Sportika

“I got the updates on GP 2013 and I also came to stay abreast of all the latest technology. Technology is changing pretty rapidly and we want to make sure that we’re up to speed on all of that. We also wanted to meet with other customers, other users of GP to hear what works for them, what doesn’t work for them, and just to stay educated on the product.” – James, AIFS

“I think it is definitely worth coming to Convergence for a company like ours, as new users to Dynamics GP. There is a lot out there and it’s all good, but it’s so overwhelming in general to know there are so many options .To be here and to be able to see it yourself and to find out information you want is a great opportunity.” – Mary Kate, ATG Rehab

“This is my 4th Convergence and I learn something new every single time I come. It’s important to see the big picture of everything and get trained by the best who are here and to be able to talk to them.  It is wonderfully helpful to have my partner, CAL, here with me because they can tell me what my environment is and help me continue in the vision of where we want to go next.” – Jenn, Evolution1

 “Every year I get something out of Convergence. This is my 12th time attending Convergence and technology is forever changing, so it’s good to see what is out there. It is good to be able to take back knowledge on how you can better enhance your organization. It is good to attend the classes. You may think you know the products better than anyone else, and then you realize you don’t and there is always a takeaway that you can share with others. The hands-on labs at Convergence are phenomenal. Plus, we are really happy about the interaction with our partner, CAL. It is great to meet your colleagues, other people in organizations like yours and be able to network with them to see how they are doing things.  It makes me passionate, seeing all these people and the information you take away and how you can better enhance your organization with it. So overall, I think everyone should go to Convergence.” – Iris, Triple Point Technology

“I think the most useful part of Convergence was walking through the ISV Expo hall with a CAL tour guide. That was critical to the process. There is just so much out there and you don’t know what it is just by looking at the signs. That was the coolest part, knowing what is out there and what it can do to make our jobs easier.” –Kim, ATG Rehab

“The biggest new thing at Convergence 2013 is the web client. I found the round tables to be really good. I got into a discussion about disaster recovery and backup and it was just users talking about what they think. The sessions are more technical from Microsoft people and then you talk to the people who are already using it.” – John, Gault Inc.

“Convergence was really interesting – getting to meet all of the ISV partners and see what different products are out there, other than the ones that we’re used to working with. The classes are very interesting because you also get to meet people that you’ve collaborated with in the past. Just overall the event is very impressive.” –Matt, CAL Business Solutions

“Why should someone go to Convergence? To find out all the things they don’t know. All the things that they don’t know that they don’t even know they don’t know.” – Linda, Maxwood

Photos of our clients at Convergence 2013.

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We hope to see you at Convergence 2014 in Atlanta March 4-7th.

Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner