When Does Mainstream Support End for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010?

Some customers who are using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 want to know when mainstream support, from Microsoft, will end. The answer is October 2015. Of course you can still get support from CAL Business Solutions after that date, but it does become harder for us when we can not use Microsoft resources as a backup.

Before mainstream support for Dynamics GP 2010 ends we hope all of our clients will be on the current version. Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Please refer to the chart below for Microsoft Product Lifecycle dates.

Products ReleasedLifecycle Start DateMainstream Support End DateExtended Support End DateService Pack Support End Date
GP 20106/15/1010/13/1510/13/20  10/9/12
GP 2010 SP 112/16/10Review NoteReview Note7/14/13
GP 2010 SP 24/15/11Review NoteReview Note7/8/14
GP 2010 SP 36/27/12Review NoteReview Note

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner