Microsoft announced that as of  February 1, 2013, the Extender Standard module for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Extender) will no longer be offered by Microsoft.  Any new or existing customers who want to purchase Extender can purchase it directly from eOne Solutions (eOne). The Extender tool will NOT be available on the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 price list. But you can still use Extended with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 if you buy it directly from eOne Solutions. Of course, anytime you are interested in an ISV module, please call CAL Business Solutions, as your local Microsoft Dynamics GP partner first. We can help you evaluate which modules you need and how they will impact the rest of your system.

What if you already have Microsoft Dynamics GP Extended user? See the FAQ below:

Question: What is the impact on all existing companies using Extender?
Answer: Existing Extender customers will be able to continue using Extender.  Any existing Extender customers who are on a BREP plan on December 1, 2012 will have license rights to Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. They must obtain the registration keys and install from eOne directly. In order to get new versions of Extender beyond this point they must enroll in an eOne maintenance plan.  When an existing Extender customer upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and beyond they will simply access the Extender updates from the eOne website (

Question: What about the annual BREP we pay on Extender?
Answer:  Starting February 1, 2013, Microsoft Dynamics GP customers who previously obtained licenses to Extender via the Microsoft Dynamics GP price list will receive a reduction in the Protected List Price and will not be charged Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) fees for Extender on their next BREP renewal date. The license keys for these modules will remain on existing customers’ accounts, allowing the continued use of the modules.

The existing BREP paid to Microsoft will be honored by eOne through to its expiration date. Subsequent annual maintenance agreements will be processed via eOne rather than Microsoft at a rate of 20% of purchase price. The annual enhancement plan via eOne entitles customers to hotfixes, service packs and new releases of Extender. Microsoft will reduce the Protected List Price on February 1, 2013 and customers will no longer be charged BREP fees on these modules on their next plan renewal date.

Question: Where do I go for Extender support from February 1, 2013?
Answer: Microsoft will continue to support previously released versions of Extender through the support lifecycle for the applicable release of Microsoft Dynamics GP. eOne will provide support for versions of Extender available with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and beyond.

Question: I currently own Extender, what should I do?
Answer: Contact your partner for Microsoft Dynamics GP to ensure:

  • You are current with your BREP Maintenance plan
  • Your partner makes contact with eOne to ensure your details are correct and up to date. This will facilitate an easy transition and help minimize potential issues when you upgrade (such as access to the software and registration keys).

Question: Will Microsoft continue to offer Smartlist Builder on its price list?
Answer: Microsoft continues to maintain the licensing relationship with eOne for SmartList Builder, which will continue to be sold and supported by Microsoft.

Question: What if I own Extender Enterprise – is this affected?
Answer: eOne also sells a product called Extender Enterprise through the Dynamics marketplace. There is no change for Extender Enterprise customers. Please note that this is not part of the Extender offered on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Price list nor will it be in the future. The benefit is that, going forward, eOne will be able to develop both products in the same direction – which will allow the addition of many more features to the collective offering.

Question: Can I upgrade to the Extender Enterprise product?
Answer: Yes. Extender customers will have an option to upgrade to Extender Enterprise between the date of publication of this announcement and April 30, 2013 at a promotional price point. Extender Enterprise retails at $5,000, but all Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender customers can upgrade to Extender Enterprise for just $1,000 through April 30, 2013.

Question: What are eOne’s plans for Extender and Extender Enterprise?
Answer: eOne intends to provide an updated product roadmap and will disclose significant software enhancements. Please contact eOne for product roadmap information.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner