Recent changes by the State of Connecticut – CT W2 and 1099 forms will affect many of our Microsoft Dynamics GP users – and we want to help you to be prepared.

GP Payroll Users:

If you have more than twenty-four (24) W2’s, the State of Connecticut is now requiring you to file these electronically.
The State of CT allows for three different options:

  1. Dynamic Web Import (DWI) – allows you to create an Excel spreadsheet of your W2 data and upload it to the State.
  2. Batch File Upload/DWI using standard MMREF/EFW e-file layout – this can be achieved by using the Greenshades State filing tool.
  3. Key and Send – manually key in your employee payroll info directly to the states’ website.(Can only be used to submit a maximum of 25 W-2, 1099-R or W-2G)

We recommend that you use a tool with your Microsoft Dynamics GP system called Greenshades State Filing to enable you to do this filing quickly and easily. If you prefer to use the Dynamic Web Import and would like assistance creating the pay data spreadsheet please contact us at CAL.

GP Payables 1099s:

Currently, the State of CT only allows transmitted files to be in the MMREF/EFW2 format. The state did not create a Dynamic Import Utility for 1099s for 2007 filings. Next year, the State of CT plans have the Dynamic Import Utility available for lower volume filers. This will allow you to map and upload a spreadsheet of your 1099 data.

If you have 250 or more then you will need Greenshades Federal 1099 Filing tool, which allows you to submit your 1099s electronically to the IRS. If you complete a form with the IRS to participate in the Combined Federal/State Filing Program, then the IRS will forward your 1099 information to the States that participate in the program per IRS Publication 1220 (Electronic Filing of 1099s). Connecticut is currently listed as one of the states participating in the program.

Greenshades is offering a special pricing bundle if you purchase by Feb 28, 2008.
For additional product information or a quote, please contact us at CAL.

If you have less than two hundred fifty (250) 1099s to be submitted to the IRS, then you could apply for a waiver to filing the 1099’s electronically with the State of CT. This waiver must be submitted by 2/15/08. Then you can submit as you have in the past.

If you are interested in learning more about the Greenshades product or have additional questions please contact us.

by CAL Partner, Greenshades Software