DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER – 35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software in the Cloud

By CAL Business Solutions

35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software In the CloudThere has been plenty of information and hype about cloud computing…with a strong shot of technical jargon thrown in.  This straightforward white paper is intended to guide you, the CFO, to ask educated questions as you compare the potential benefits and risks of ERP/accounting software on premises versus in the cloud.

Sections Include:

  • Cloud Definitions
  • Potential Benefits of Cloud ERP
  • Common Concerns of Cloud ERP
  • Compliance Considerations for Cloud ERP
  • Licensing Questions for Cloud ERP
  • Sample Cost Comparison for Cloud ERP
  • Business Drivers and Deployment Options for Cloud ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics® ERP Solutions in the Cloud
  • ERP Panel Papers Contributors

At the core of evaluating cloud solutions for your organization are the business drivers that determine the profitability of the business. Your ERP system is the foundation for operations and monitors the status and progress of those business drivers. While cost is clearly a primary driver, risk mitigation, compliance, operational efficiencies, or scalability may be higher priorities for your organization.  As CFO you have more insight into the balance of all those business drivers than anyone in the organization.

The shift to cloud based business management technology has started.  Is cloud-based ERP the right choice for your organization? Let this white paper help you decide.