DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER: Perfecting Distribution and Retail-Commerce Quote-to-Cash Processes with Acumatica

By Acumatica

White Paper: Perfecting Distribution and Retail-Commerce Quote-to-Cash Processes with Acumatica

Get Paid Faster with Flexible Distribution and Retail-Commerce Quote-to-Cash Workflows. Every wholesale distributor and retail-commerce business has a slightly different quote-to-cash process. Some inventory-centric companies forecast demand, order-to-stock, and fulfill orders from inventory. At the same time, other organizations invest heavily in marketing and sales with third-party inventory management and outsourced order fulfillment via drop-ship orders. Item management is critical in environments where product families contain hundreds or thousands of items that vary only slightly by attribute. Lot and serial traceability and kitting with disassembly are crucial for many organizations.

Acumatica provides flexibility to support many different quote-to-cash workflows with powerful applications to manage leads, inventory, purchasing, picking, packing, shipments, and accounting. Omnichannel sales are supported for in-house sales, online commerce storefront orders, or retail point of sale transactions. Extended applications support the quote-to-cash process with field service appointments for installation and repair and project accounting for professional services that include distributed goods.

This Playbook illustrates how Acumatica supports simple and complex quote-to-cash processes for businesses that sell, install, and service distributed products. The quote-to-cash process comprises three phases and 14 unique steps, from item definition and lead generation to reporting and supporting activities. Discover Why Retail-Commerce Establishments Rely on Acumatica for Their Success.