Technology Firm Uses Microsoft Dynamics® GP as Financial Engine to Drive Industry Specific Software

Customer: PCNet Inc
Location: Trumbull, CT
Industry: IT Services

Customer Profile

PCNet Inc. is an enterprise solutions provider of technical services, hardware and software offering a full spectrum of IT products, consulting services and data center solutions to numerous Fortune 1000 companies nationally.

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“Products like SalesPad and ConnectWise are enhancing Microsoft Dynamics® GP and giving people the ability to extend the power of it within a specific industry.”
Erik Soto, Vice President General Manager

The Challenge

PCNet Inc. has relied on Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) since 2002 to manage their technology sales and service business. But they wanted to personalize the system to accommodate their industry specific processes and workflow, without extensive customization that is both costly and inflexible.

The Solution

CAL Business Solutions positioned Microsoft Dynamics GP as a stable, core accounting platform. Instead of making customizations to the financial engine, CAL helped PCNet connect industry specific tools that could be easily personalized to fit their business.

PCNet now uses SalesPad to manage inventory, sales order fulfillment and customer service. And ConnectWise to track IT support cases, technician dispatching and service plans. Both are connected to Microsoft Dynamics GP to form one complete system.

The Benefits

Erik Soto, Vice President General Manager, PCNet talks about the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad and ConnectWise:

“A Rock Solid Accounting Application”

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been a rock solid accounting application for us for over a decade and we’ve been extremely happy with it. I think that’s why other products like ConnectWise and SalesPad tie themselves to Dynamics GP. They are enhancing it and giving people the ability to extend the power of Dynamics GP within a specific industry.

“Click a Button And All The Activity Is In Dynamics GP”

We leverage ConnectWise for service, time and agreement management and that information is pulled back into Dynamics GP for the accounting functions such as billing, collections and reporting. We click a button and all that activity is in Dynamics GP.

“Improved Quoting Time by Over 50%”

SalesPad has simplified our sales order processing. We have improved our quoting time by over 50 percent just based on the ability to really manage inventory and inventory item creation in a much easier way.

“Brings Data To The Surface”

Now we are able to bring data to the surface by pulling different data points, including our user defined fields, into one centralized screen. This just makes it easier for our team that is managing transactions on a day-to-day basis.

“Our Easiest Sales Document Management Solution”

SalesPad is our easiest sales document management solution because of all the ways it gives us to search data from an item level and a sales document level. We can create custom reports from within the application and link to the originating documents. We can leverage real time reports and that is huge for us.

“Able to Easily Customize Based On Our Business Processes”

Dynamics GP with SalesPad has given us the ability to quickly and efficiently manage our data for our customers and manage our transactions, completely customized to our needs.  I keep bringing up the word customize. The ability to easily customize SalesPad based on our business processes and workflow has been the biggest benefit for us.  I feel Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad will benefit anybody who has a sales order process that needs to be customized for their business.

“The Knowledge the CAL Team Brought To the Table”

I have a lot of respect for George and his team.  It’s about the knowledge that the CAL team brought to the table.  Obviously it’s one thing to see a product in a demo.  It’s another thing to work with somebody who’s dealt with it and customized it for others. CAL has helped us to understand the platform, understand what we can do with it and how to customize it to work for us.

At the end of the day, for me, it’s about the business problems that we’re trying to address.  We’re trying to speed up our process, we’re trying to be more efficient and drive sales with our customers. Being able to voice those issues to CAL and get the right advice has been a great help for me personally.

This technology firm now has a solid financial system with tools that are fully customized to their needs yet flexible enough to easily adapt to future changes.

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