Microsoft Dynamics GP Retail Success Story

Video Transcription: Dynamics GP Case Study: Tire Retail & Auto Service Center Connects POS Software — Modern Tire

Modern Tire and Auto Service Center is a family owned and operated business with 5 locations that has been serving Central Connecticut since 1941. When it comes to technology, Modern Tire has the best of both worlds – A POS system designed specifically for their tire retail and auto service business, connected to a strong, stable Microsoft Dynamics GP financial system that is easy to use and maintain. Supported by industry experts they can trust. This is their story.

“Modern Tire is an automotive retail chain in central Connecticut.  We have five locations throughout the Greater Hartford area.  We do a full range of automotive repairs as well as all brands of tires.

We wanted a strong core financial system that would integrate with our existing VAST software which is a POS system designed specifically for auto service centers and tire dealers.  We chose Microsoft Dynamics GP and CAL Business Solutions helped us to get the integration working smoothly. “ Robert Amenta, President, Modern Tire

“All of our financial activities extracted from our VAST point of sale software into Dynamics GP on a daily basis for each of our five retail locations.  The integration takes the place of manually inputting point of sale results into our accounting software and allows us to prepare meaningful financials and process accounts payable on a very timely and accurate manner.  Cal Business Solutions has assisted us in developing this integration process.” Steve Cohen, Controller, Modern Tire

“Over the years I have had dealings with numerous software companies.  In almost all cases there was always something lacking in terms of satisfaction with the services, costs, or just plain know-how.  Until we started working with CAL Business Solutions.  They took our existing system and they made it work.  They proposed a budgeted amount for our project and stuck to it.” Robert Amenta, President, Modern Tire

“Modern Tire is always using state-of-the-art technology and systems and as a controller and a CPA that provides me with challenging and rewarding opportunities to help meet the company’s operating goals.” Steve Cohen, Controller, Modern Tire

“Dynamics GP has the functionality of very sophisticated software but is really user friendly.  We use VAST as our point of sale software to run the business but rely on GP for the back-end financial reporting and processing part of our business.  Dynamics GP is extremely stable but when we need assistance or advice, we rely on CAL Business Solutions as a trusted business partner.” Steve Cohen, Controller, Modern Tire

“CAL Business Solutions has restored my confidence in the software providers.  They know the product, don’t waste time, and don’t bill me unnecessarily.  As a business owner, that matters.  CAL does business the way we do business; stand behind the product and the work and make the customer happy.” Robert Amenta, President, Modern Tire

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