Beekley Medical Story-Manufacturing Company Goes on Lean Journey with Microsoft Dynamics® GP to Streamline Processes and Focus on Customers

Customer: Beekley Medical, a division of Beekley Corporation
Location: Bristol, CT
Industry: Manufacturing & Distribution

Beekley Medical 

Customer Profile

Beekley Medical is a manufacturer and distributor of disposable medical products that help imaging, surgical, and radiation therapy professionals save time, improve accuracy, enhance communication, and provide a better patient experience.

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“Using Dynamics GP with SalesPad we have been able to streamline our process and reduce our per order time from 2.5 minutes down to 1 minute. These efficiencies mean we can serve customers faster.”
Olga Glynos, Director of Finance and Technology

The Challenge:

Beekley Medical has trusted Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) as their core financial ERP system for more than a decade. Recently they decided to expand the capabilities to manage inventory and automate the manufacturing process. Each decision was focused on ways it could streamline processes in order to provide even higher levels of service to its customers.

The Solution:

CAL Business Solutions implemented SalesPad for Dynamics GP to give the company improved distribution and customer service functionality. CAL was then able to leverage its deep knowledge of the product to customize SalesPad not only to mirror, but to improve Beekley Medical’s established sales fulfillment process.

This allowed Beekley Medical  to upgrade to the latest version of Dynamics GP with manufacturing functions such as bill of materials, manufacturing orders, inventory, lot control, and standard costs.

Olga Glynos, Director of Finance and Technology at Beekley Corporation, talks about the improvements this new technology has provided to their business and more importantly, to their customers.


Simplified the Dynamics GP Upgrade Process

“Over the years we had customized the actual Dynamics GP code to handle our unique pick/pack process. As a result we felt held back from upgrading to the latest version. Doing this customization in SalesPad, rather than in Dynamics GP, gives us so much more flexibility and simplifies the Dynamics GP upgrade process.”

Reduced Order Entry Time by Over 50%

“Since the implementation of SalesPad, Beekley Medical’s order volume has increased 10% per year; yet we have maintained the same number of customer care representatives.  We can now can enter multiple orders simultaneously and adding EDI features allows us to easily fill orders with a 3PL. Using Dynamics GP with SalesPad we have been able to streamline our process and reduce our per order time from 2.5 minutes down to 1 minute. All of these efficiencies mean we can serve our customers faster.”

Same Day Shipping To Customers

“We have gone from next-day shipping to same-day shipping. The manufacturing manager can see what is being ordered and how many items he will need to produce to fulfill those orders.  SalesPad data collection tools have improved our picking process and order accuracy. With Dynamics GP Manufacturing and SalesPad we are getting the product to the customers faster.”

Paperless Process Creates Stress Free Environment

“We’ve taken our process green by implementing a paperless process using the PaperSave add-on product.  This has created a stress-free environment for our associates and has allowed them to participate in continuous training for providing world-class customer care to our customers.”

Lot Tracking for Targeted Customer Communication

“Beekley Medical is FDA registered and we maintain strict manufacturing standards. Using Dynamics GP Manufacturing, we are able to track lot information. If we have any quality issues we could immediately track and contact the specific product, supplier, and customers that have been affected.”

Saved 6 Days Per Month of Manual Inventory Processes

“In the past we spent 24 hours each month taking a manual inventory of products in our warehouse from raw material to work in process to finished goods, plus three additional days to input the information. Now we can do cycle counts. Using Dynamics GP Manufacturing, we have literally saved 48 work hours each month and we have accurate inventory and cost information.”

CAL Is a Constant Reference for Us

“When we are looking for add-on products, we can rely on CAL Business Solutions to give us their honest opinion on the best or worst vendors. This kind of advice is priceless. If we want to do a new project, we know we can just pick up the phone and CAL can tell us the best way to run the project, what is possible, and what is not possible. CAL is a constant reference for us.”

Using Microsoft Dynamics GP Beekley Medical is able to provide exceptional service by taking orders faster, shipping products sooner, and spending less time on manual processes. This allows the company to continue on its lean journey to streamline processes so they can stay focused on bringing new innovations to their customers.  

CAL Business Solutions works with more than 75 distribution and light manufacturing companies in New England across the USA. Our clients use Microsoft Dynamics GP + SalesPad as a full featured yet affordable supply chain management system that connects sales, warehousing, purchasing, and finance.  If you are a distribution company that is looking for a new ERP system, contact CAL Business Solutions.

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