CAL Business Solutions is proud to bring you CAL Connect, New England’s largest Microsoft Dynamics GP user event. This year, included Acumatica. This event connects more than 200 of our ERP clients with industry peers, add-on partners, and the entire CAL team for a full day of learning, networking, and fun.

“For 2018 CAL Connect, we’re really, really happy that we were able to present the Cloud GP option for many of our clients who are considering the cloud and the fact that we’ve been able to introduce our client base to the Acumatica, one of the cloud solutions that we now offer in addition to GP.” – George Mackiewicz, President, CAL Business Solutions

“I see the value of coming out to the CAL Connect event, in that I can network, I can get ahold of the CAL people face-to-face and follow up on projects that I’m working on with them.” –Andrea LaMontagne, Thor Specialties Inc.

“I came to the CAL event today to meet the implementation team that is going to be doing an Acumatica implementation for my company. I wanted to meet the consultants, hear a little bit about the project management plan, and just get a vibe for the group. It’s been wonderful. The food has been amazing, but just the people have been really friendly and I feel really confident in the choice that we made to go with CAL.” – Rick McCann, MIL-TEK USA

“One of the reasons why this is one of my favorite conferences that I attend every two years is because it has really, really strong Dynamics GP content, so it really focuses on the customer and what’s best for them, and gives them tips, and learning things that they can take to their own business to be able to get more out of their existing investment that they have.” – Pam Misialek, Njevity

“Having the experience to network with folks to see what other problems and challenges other companies are having and getting the opportunity to work with other folks from my company to brainstorm, to tackle problems, and to get different ideas while we’re sitting around a room together learning and talking to vendors, where we might solve some of our business challenges.” -Andrew Cotter, Somerset Capital Group Ltd.

“I think what makes this event so important to not only CAL, but to our customers is the ability to collaborate together to come up with new solutions to extend what they already have. The world is changing all the time and what they need to do to service their customers are changing, so at an event like this, we can introduce our ISV community, our consultants, and the clients themselves to come up with new ways to do business and keep their businesses strong for the future.” – George Mackiewicz, President, CAL Business Solutions

CAL Business Solutions invites you to join us at the next CAL Connect.

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