Acumatica ERP pricing is different than anything you have ever seen before.

With almost every other ERP system you get charged per user. With Acumatica you can have unlimited users. The price is based on the “resources” you use. It’s kind of like at your house. You don’t get charged for electricity by the number of people that live there.  It is based on how much electricity you use.  That’s the approach Acumatica takes. Except that you pay a set predictable monthly fee.

How much does Acumatica ERP cost?

To answer the question, “How much does Acumatica ERP cost” we need to ask a few questions first:

1) What is the size of your company? Although the pricing is not based on user count, it does help to understand the size of your company.

2) What functionality do you need? This will determine which Edition you choose.

3) How do you want to deploy the system? With Acumatica you have a choice between a SaaS “subscription” model, a hosted “rental” model, or an on-premise “purchase” model. Of course, SaaS Cloud is the most popular.  With your answers we will help you calculate the price of Acumatica based on these three areas:

First, Acumatica comes in three editions. The Small Business Edition includes core financials and is meant for companies with less than 10 employees. The Advanced Edition is the most popular Edition. Nearly all the modules are included. The Enterprise Edition is for very large companies. There are also Commerce, Field Service, and Manufacturing Editions which have functionality specific to these industries.

Second, Acumatica has four resource levels. To determine your resource level we will ask you how many users you plan to have and your typical number of end to end business transactions per day. The default resource level for the Advanced Edition is Small. This generally works for companies with approximately 25 employees and up to 100 transactions per day.

As your company grows you can easily upgrade to the next resource level. If you start doing a lot more transactions, your Acumatica system will slow down. That’s the sign you need to increase your resource level. But it is your choice. Acumatica will never force you to increase. There is even seasonal pricing if you have certain times of the year with higher transaction volume.  But these are just guidelines. There are no strict rules on which resource level you use. An experience Acumatica partner can help you determine where you should start.

Third, depending on the Edition you choose, you can select additional functionality for more advanced requirements. But you don’t pay for these unless you need them.

Would you like to know the cost of Acumatica Cloud ERP for your company?

Acumatica does not publish its price list. But at CAL Business Solutions we are happy to give you a quick budgetary quote with no obligation.

Acumatica is the fastest-growing Cloud ERP on the market today. Its unique pricing model is just one of the reasons Acumatica should be on your shortlist.

To learn more about Acumatica, contact CAL Business Solutions. or 860-485-0910 x4.

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