Journal entries are the foundation of proper bookkeeping, but have you ever wondered how you can see which user posted a journal entry?  There are many reasons you might want to see who posted a journal entry.

Imagine you’re sifting through the balance sheet in preparation for an upcoming audit or simply conducting a routine check to ensure everything adds up. Suddenly, a transaction catches your eye—one that doesn’t immediately make sense. Your instincts kick in, prompting a barrage of questions. Was this an error, or is there a valid explanation behind this entry? The first step toward clarity is identifying who made the journal entry.

Understanding who entered the transaction can significantly streamline the resolution process. It facilitates direct communication, allowing you to quickly gather context or address potential errors. This not just aids in maintaining financial accuracy but fosters a transparent work environment where accountability is clear and encouraged.

How to Find Out Who Posted That Entry in Dynamics GP

The process to unearth this information in Dynamics GP is straightforward, designed with the user’s ease in mind.

For Current Entries

  1. Navigate to the Inquiry
  2. Point your cursor to Financial.
  3. Select Journal Entry Inquiry from the dropdown menu.

Upon following these steps, the system will display the User Who Posted field, revealing the identity of the person responsible for the journal entry. This immediate access to information eradicates any guesswork, providing a clear pathway to follow should the entry warrant further investigation.








For Historical Data

The procedure alters slightly when dealing with archival data:

  1. Click on the Inquiry
  2. Proceed to Financial.
  3. Click on Detail.

Here, after selecting or entering an account, you’ll be presented with a list of journal entries. Simply highlight the entry of interest and click the Journal Entry drill back link. This action serves as your gateway to understanding the past, shining a light on transactions that may initially seem obscure or out of place.

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