The newest version of Acumatica 2024 R1, was released on March 20, 2024.  Let’s take a look at the new or enhanced features throughout the system, available in Acumatica 2024 R1:Acumatica 2024 R1

Feature Benefits for Financials and Payroll

  • Utilize Acumatica Payments to streamline point-of-sale (POS) payment transaction processing by using credit card readers to record payments directly from the Acumatica solution without third-party software.
  • Automate vacation and sick time tracking with new features such as banding rules, anniversary date resets, and simplified adjustments. Enable administrators to manage paid time off during employee probation and plan for future plan changes.
  • Enforce optional or required approval and rejection reasons for financial transactions, such as invoices, bills, adjustments, memos, and payments.
  • Simplify returns on cash purchases by generating cash return transactions included in bank deposits.
  • Improve efficiency by consolidating multiple employee corporate credit/debit card transactions into one account.
  • Expand transaction capabilities in Canada by easily configuring and customizing export payment file formats for the Royal Bank of Canada and other Canadian financial institutions.
  • Comply with sales tax nexus laws with Exemption Certificate Management from Avalara to collect and manage customer exemption certificates for healthcare providers, government organizations, higher education institutions, non-profits, and qualifying manufacturing product sales.
  • Improve credit memos with inclusive credit term due dates and discount amounts, enabling organizations to better align with invoice due dates for improved payment accuracy, receivable reporting, and cash flow forecasting.

Feature Benefits for CRM

  • Deliver stellar customer service with advanced case commitment tracking and a flexible case closure workflow.
  • Provide a 360-degree view of project details by automatically updating projects with associated activities are automatically updated with related tasks.
  • Tailor email templates by branch for CRM, project, service management, and subcontract communication.
  • Notify support specialists when return merchandise authorizations (RMAs) related to open support cases are closed.

Feature Benefits for Platform and Developers

  • Calculate ratios and improve reporting flexibility by using Generic Inquiry results at input to other inquires.
  • Simplify no-code workflow creation with new sequential actions independent of conditions, enabling faster workflow processing.
  • Improve business events to create actions and notifications based on triggers and formula-based conditions.
  • Enhance the mobile experience for users with new image thumbnail support for lists on mobile screens.
  • Access multilingual reports via REST APIs.
  • Minimize security risks and streamline system customization processes by defining security access to new system objects during the object publication process.

Feature Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Improve material demand planning by forecasting optional stock and non-stock kit components.
  • Provide manufacturing workers the flexibility to report production operations when they are run in parallel.
  • Optimize MRP generation with ‘planning horizons’ that enable organizations to define time-constrained data for inclusion in supply and demand calculations.
  • Configure MRP and DRP to include or exclude sales order types to improve planning by excluding returns and other types of orders from inventory planning calculations.

Feature Benefits for Contractors, Project, and Service Organizations

  • Access AP cost transactions related to progress billing lines from a new pro forma invoice side panel for timely vendor payments and increased billing accuracy.
  • Empower users to enter and process negative expense receipts to make a full or partial refund to the corporate credit card for faster and simpler GL account reconciliation.
  • Ensure accurate and efficient handling of pro forma invoice corrections with a streamlined workflow for previously closed and released accounts receivable documents.
  • Leverage one-click initiation to correct invoices created from service documents.
  • Improve project budget updates by project transactions, where budget rules no longer depend on the transaction source and GL account type.

Feature Benefits for Distributors

  • Improve demand planning and forecasting with time-phased purchase orders, kit assembly, and warehouse transfer recommendations with the new Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) application, which includes exception messages for distributed items, kits, and kit components.
  • Streamline small parcel and LTL shipment processing workflows and configure packing and shipping scenarios with Acumatica and 3G Pacejet. The enhanced integration of these shipping and processing capabilities, now in the core of the Acumatica solution, provides transparency for shipment data, including hazardous materials, PRO bill number, delivery instructions, accessorial definitions, non-standard containers, serialized shipping container codes (SSCC), and other packaging and shipment information with no need for separate customization.
  • Expedite return material authorization (RMA) processes with improved document searches using invoice and line details such as sales order type and number, inventory ID, lot or serial number, and order dates.
  • Improve warehouse management activities with bidirectional picking and aggregated quantities for pick lines.
  • Configure unique document approval workflows for invoices, credit memos, debit memos, cash sales, and cash returns.

Feature Benefits for Retailers and Commerce Merchants

  • Gain a unified connection between Acumatica and Amazon with synchronized data for order fulfillment, product availability, Amazon fees, payments, and taxes.
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy by directly importing exchanges to Acumatica from a Shopify POS order for the same product at the same or different price or for another product at the same or different price.
  • Use bidirectional sync to import products from Shopify and BigCommerce stores to Acumatica through the Commerce connector.

This article provides the ‘cliff notes’ of key new features, if you would like to see complete details on Acumatica 2024 R1 (new features, system requirement changes, upgrade resources) contact us for a copy of the Acumatica 2024 R1 Release Notes, or register for Acumatica’s On-Demand New Feature Review Webinar

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By Amy Mackiewicz, CAL Business Solutions Inc., Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP / 365 BC & Acumatica Partner,