Mobility Businesses Inventory Ingenuity: A Smarter Move

Imagine a healthcare facility, an assisted living community, or a private residence. What do they all have in common? They depend on mobility and accessibility equipment to ensure a high quality of life for those in their care. For mobility equipment businesses, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Efficiency is paramount, accuracy is non-negotiable, and customer service is the lifeline of their enterprise. In an industry that empowers daily living through technology, precision, and adaptability, how does a business like yours keep up with demand and still maintain the grace of a well-oiled machine?

The Inventory Control Conundrum

Inventory management can often be a complex and multi-faceted challenge for mobility equipment businesses. From tracking parts for wheelchair maintenance to ensuring a swift delivery of a custom-fitted ramp, the list of tasks is almost as long as the inventory list itself. The most pressing concerns of these businesses are ensuring:

  • A high level of customer satisfaction through timely delivery and order accuracy
  • Minimizing the upfront capital tied to overstocking while still maintaining adequate inventory
  • Navigating intricate sales processes that include warranties, service contracts, and often, rentals

The Quest for an Ideal Solution

Mobility businesses have turned to modern technology to help solve this problem. Acumatica, the Cloud ERP offers a comprehensive inventory management system with real-time visibility and automated controls to streamline your operations. The system tracks items as they move in and out of inventory, updating data instantaneously. In addition, it is tailored to integrate the nuanced inventory needs of mobility equipment businesses with a user-friendly and robust platform.

Here’s how Acumatica, Cloud ERP can help your mobility businesses inventory:

  • Manage multiple warehouses with location-specific inventory quantities, allocations, availability, and costs. Define bins, use carts for picking and put-away, and set default locations for receipts, returns, and shipments. Use movement classes and ABC codes to optimize warehouse locations.
  • Streamline order fulfillment by automating mundane tasks, such as order processing and stock reordering, which frees up time for staff to focus on customers. Acumatica also helps you prioritize critical orders, ensuring that life-enhancing equipment makes it to the customer’s door exactly when it’s expected.
  • For niche equipment such as customized wheelchairs or specialty medical devices, Acumatica’s advanced pricing and order management features are a boon. It handles complex pricing structures and contract management with the dexterity of a specialist. This facets vast and complex aspects such as service agreements, warranties, and bulk discounts into the heart of order management, assisting businesses in keeping track of their multifaceted sales procedures.Traceability: Track inventory by lot or serial number. Enter lot or serial numbers on receipt, issue, or assembly. Define shelf life for perishable inventory with expiration dates and first-expired-first-out picking.
  • Inventory Management integrates with your General Ledger for financial reporting. Improve purchasing, sales, projects, field service, and manufacturing with automation, scheduled tasks, and custom workflows.

The Acumatica AdvantageAcumatica The Cloud ERP

Acumatica’s ERP system is more than an aid; it’s an advantage for businesses. The adaptability of the system means it grows as the company does. Implementing Acumatica represents a readiness to scale, a commitment to accuracy, and a promise to enhance the end-user experience. It’s not just a piece of software; it’s a philosophy, a new standard for business management in an evolving industry.

Robust Mobile Control

In an industry that caters to the immobile, mobility in managing operations is a must. Acumatica’s mobile app extends the power of the ERP system to the fingertips of your staff on the move. They can update records, manage orders, and address customer queries in fleetness, ensuring that no logistical challenge poses a hindrance to serving your customers.

Built for Growth

The flexibility engineered into Acumatica’s architecture allows it to accommodate the expansion of your business. With the addition of product lines, acquisitions, or even new market segments, Acumatica continues to provide comprehensive inventory management, meticulously tracking every item and accessory that fuels your success.

Enhanced Visibility and Reporting

A cutting-edge feature of Acumatica’s ERP is the analytics and reporting module that offers clear insights into inventory movement, sales trends, and possible forecasting, which can revolutionize management decisions. Armed with this data, mobility equipment businesses can make informed choices that optimize their services and resources.

Lifeway Mobility Businesses Success Story with Acumatica

Lifeway Mobility

Lifeway Mobility is an accessibility solutions company providing home modifications to improve your safety, independence, and quality of life. They needed a centralized system that could be easily rolled out to new branches and consolidate data efficiently as their business operations grew and chose CAL Business Solutions to implement their new Acumatica ERP.

“CAL has proven to be a true business partner as opposed to just a vendor…. I would recommend CAL Business Solutions without hesitation.” – Bryan Mullen, SVP of Shared Services at Lifeway Mobility

Read the full story about Lifeway Mobility.

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By CAL Business Solutions Inc., Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP / 365 BC & Acumatica Partner,