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Are you jumping between systems and tools to operate your business effectively? Why not find a solution that can integrate them and make your distribution company more effective and efficient? Acumatica ERP is the tool distribution businesses choose for seamless integration and operational success.

Since 1982, here at CAL Business Solutions we have provided exceptional services and support for our family of customers. We approach each project with the understanding, deep industry knowledge and experience we’ve gained in our more than 30 years of business. We have helped hundreds of distribution businesses improve business productivity by transforming their business with Acumatica ERP.

Acumatica is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that offers a suite of integrated business management applications. It is designed to help businesses streamline their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. But what sets Acumatica apart from other ERP solutions? The answer, its robust integration capabilities. Acumatica is the world’s fastest-growing provider of cloud ERP, with the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating trusted by companies across diverse industries. It is easy-to-use, full-featured, and mobile software. With unlimited users, everyone can have a real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere.

Acumatica’s robust integration capabilities can seamlessly integrate with a variety of systems and tools. It helps companies manage supply chains and logistics activities in one place while connecting those activities to sales and financial data. The success of a distribution business hinges on its ability to manage these processes efficiently while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

“Acumatica saved us time and money processing over 4,500 orders per day. Since it’s cloud-based, Acumatica can support our double and triple digit growth rates.” – CHRIS NELSON (CPA), CFO, YOUNGEVITY

Acumatica’s integration capabilities include:

  • Ecommerce Platforms: Managing a separate ecommerce platform can be a nightmare. No insights cause issues down the road. Acumatica has a native interface and integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. This allows businesses to manage their online and offline operations from a single system, ensuring consistency and efficiency, giving you a powerful, comprehensive, real-time platform that will grow with your company.
  • Supply Chain: One of the powerful features of Acumatica is its ability to integrated with supply chain management systems to help you optimize inventory management, order fulfillment, and logistics. By synchronizing these your business can efficiently manage your supply chain process within a single environment.
  • Payment Gateways: Acumatica supports integration with various payment gateways simplifying the payment process, making it easier for customers to make purchases and for businesses to receive payments. It streamlines credit card payments, bill processing, and field service payments, improving cash flow, profitability, customer loyalty, and more. Advanced features like click-to-pay links, a self-service portal, and automated AR processing further enhance your convenience, efficiency, and security.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) tools: Acumatica has powerful built-in analytic tools to give you the insights you need to run your business. These tools include dashboards and KPI to monitor every aspect you need. If the tools aren’t enough, it easily integrates with BI tools like Microsoft Power BI, leading to further operational efficiency and increased profitability.
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) systems: Acumatica ERP can connect with HRM systems to manage employee data, streamline payroll processing, assist with workforce planning, and streamline other HR processes. This can lead to improved employee satisfaction and productivity along with synchronized financial and operational data.

The Acumatica Distribution Edition is specifically designed to help distribution companies manage their supply chain and logistics activities. It offers features like inventory management, sales order management, purchase order management, and more. By integrating with other systems and tools, Acumatica ERP can provide a comprehensive solution that meets the unique needs of distribution companies. You can read more about Acumatica’s Distribution Edition here.

There are numerous success stories of distribution companies that have benefited from using Acumatica. These companies have been able to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. For example, Lifeway Mobility is a distribution company that switched to Acumatica, and here is how it helped their business:

  • Shortens time to set up new offices
  • Enables increased focus on customer service
  • Gives quick access to data to take advantage of trends
  • Zero infrastructure costs

You can read more about their business success after switching to Acumatica ERP here.

Acumatica’s integration capabilities make it an ideal choice for distribution companies. It not only helps in streamlining operations but also provides valuable insights to drive business growth. So, if you are a distribution company looking for an ERP solution, take a closer look at Acumatica.

Interested in learning more about how Acumatica can benefit your distribution company? Contact us at CAL Business Solutions, Inc. today! We would be more than happy to assist you.

By CAL Business Solutions Inc., Connecticut Acumatica & Microsoft Dynamics GP / 365 BC Partner,