Another Letter Writing Assistant feature, this shows how much GP customers love and use LWA!

Collection Letters Microsoft would say are the most used across the modules, besides employee information. Customers use these letters, customize them to their needs and a way to inform customers what they may have left to owe for collections, there are 3 of these collection letters, First, Second and Final Notice. If you are not using these today and work in the collection area of your company, they would highly recommend taking a look.

What  they have seen is many of the customers modify the letters and add the Invoice detail information to notify the customer of this information.
With the final notice collection letter, the system did not allow you to print the notice and add invoice details.
With the release of 18.6, you can now modify any of the Collection Letter notices (1, 2 or 3/final), add the Invoice details to the report and it will print and display the invoice information in a table format for the customer.











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